The other wonderful use of toothpaste in life

Toothpaste is a wonderful product. It can not only clean your teeth and make your breath fresh, but also has many other uses! Its chemical composition and fresh smell can help us solve many problems. Besides being used to clean teeth, the following other uses are absolutely unexpected.

1, black spot, acne.

squeeze toothpaste on your black spot or acne, and you will find surprising changes after one night.


is bitten by mosquitoes. It’s very itchy. Apply some toothpaste and rub it.

3, clean nails

after cleaning nails with a little toothpaste, you can make your nails more shiny.

4, cleaning sports shoes

after cleaning your sports shoes with toothbrush and toothpaste, you can make your shoes look brand new.

5, remove the smell on your hands

add a little toothpaste when you wash your hands, it can help you remove any residual smell on your hands.

6, cleaning jewelry

use a little toothpaste to clean jewelry, which can make them reappear the shining luster of jewelry.

7, remove the traces of crayon on the wall

don’t be too surprised. When you think you need a new paint, you can easily get rid of the graffiti on the wall with toothpaste and toothbrush.

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