The patients with gout should not choose mutton soup as tonic

It is not suitable for gout patients to choose mutton soup. It is an important food for common people in winter. However, doctors warned that gout patients should not choose mutton soup tonic.

gout is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the body due to the insufficient activity of enzymes responsible for the decomposition of uric acid, which is deposited in joints and soft tissues. The key to control gout attack is to reduce the level of blood uric acid, which usually requires diet control and drinking more water, and the fundamental is to avoid eating foods with high purine content as far as possible.

experts said that mutton itself is a kind of food with high purine content, and ordinary people usually make soup with mutton and mutton, which will increase the purine content in the broth. Therefore, gout patients should not choose mutton soup in winter.

in addition, experts remind that during the treatment period, gout patients had better not eat animal viscera, eat less fish, shrimp, poultry, pork and beef, do not drink all kinds of broth and some vegetables with high purine content, such as laver, bean products, mushrooms, spinach, etc.

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