The practice of soaking Semen Cassiae in water

soaking Semen Cassiae in water is very effective for heat clearing and detoxification, weight loss and liver clearing. Therefore, for female friends who love beauty, we suggest that you should use Semen Cassiae properly to lose weight. Semen Cassiae has a lot of medicinal value, we need to know more about it at ordinary times, which helps us to use the function of Semen Cassiae. Now let’s understand the effect of cassia seed soaking in water.

cassia seed has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipid, clearing liver and improving eyesight. Regular drinking of cassia seed tea has a special effect on treating hypertension. Use 15-20g cassia seed to make water instead of tea several times a day. It is a wonderful product for treating hypertension, dizziness and blurred vision.


1. Wash cassia seed, put it into a stainless steel frying pan, stir fry it with low heat, then stir it with medium heat, stir it from time to time until the coffee fragrance comes out and the outside is burnt black, cool it and store it in a sealed bottle.

2. Tea making method: take a small teaspoon of cassia seed into a cup, brew it with hot water, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, cover it with the cup cover, drink it hot, or put it into the refrigerator to cool and drink. You can also add five chrysanthemums to make cassia seed tea and chrysanthemum, or five chrysanthemums, and ten wolfberry seeds to make cassia seed tea and chrysanthemum, wolfberry seeds, This drink is most suitable for eyes with hyperemia, halitosis and dark urine color. It can also slow down and improve eye diseases with Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum. For obesity and constipation, daily drinking of cassia seed without sugar can reduce weight, but it still needs diet control to be effective.

cassia seed has many effects, such as nourishing liver and eyesight, moistening intestines and defecating, detoxifying and beautifying. The following small series for you to introduce, cassia seed water drink rich in what nutrients, what significant effect. The emodin in Semen Cassiae has the effect of clearing heat and moistening intestines. It can treat internal heat, intestinal dryness and constipation, and has the first pass effect on moistening intestines and defecating.

Semen Cassiae can inhibit the increase of serum cholesterol and the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. Besides lowering blood pressure, it can also reduce blood lipid. In addition, cassia seed soaking in water has the functions of clearing liver and purging fire, reducing weight, expelling poison and oil, etc. it is the best drink for the family of computer, TV and other electronic products.

for the method and efficacy of cassia seed soaking in water introduced in this article, I hope female friends can remember it well, which is very helpful for you to eat cassia seed. Cassia seed is a common thing in our life. If we want to use it correctly, we need to have a certain understanding of its eating methods.

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