The principle of healthy eating meat in spring is

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principles of healthy eating meat in spring. This shows that poultry meat has higher nutritional value than livestock meat. Poultry is a high protein and low-fat food, especially the lysine content in chicken is 13% higher than that in pork. The most nutritious way to eat yushanhuang yuezi chicken is to make soup. It can not only fully absorb the nutrition of chicken, but also have certain medical effect. It can accelerate the blood circulation of nasopharynx, increase the secretion of bronchial fluid, help to remove the virus invading the respiratory tract and relieve the symptoms of cold.

duck and goose are not only low in fat, but also different in chemical composition from pork, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, which can protect the heart.

2. Understand the health functions of pork, beef and mutton

pork is one of the main sources of protein and fat in human body. It is rich in phosphorus and iron, and also contains manganese, silicon, selenium and other trace elements necessary for human body. Pork has the function of nourishing stomach, liver and kidney. Beef is rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. In addition, beef also has good medicinal effect in strengthening muscles and bones, nourishing spleen and stomach, eliminating edema and moisture, so it is the best tonic.

the content of calcium and iron in mutton is higher than that in pork, which is very beneficial to people with anemia, lung disease and weak constitution. In addition, mutton can also replenish qi, warm, is the best food for the treatment of backache and abdominal pain, postpartum deficiency and cold.

3. Eat less fat meat and meat oil

fat meat and meat oil are high energy and high fat food. If you eat too much, it will not only cause obesity, but also bring pressure to the digestive function of the human body. At the same time, fat meat and meat oil are also risk factors for some chronic diseases, so we should eat less. In contrast, chicken, fish, rabbit, beef and other animal foods not only contain higher protein, but also lower saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol, and produce far less energy than pork. Therefore, we should eat more of these animal foods and appropriately reduce the consumption proportion of pork. Modern nutriology has proved the nutritive value of fish: its meat is tender and contains high biological value and high quality protein, which is easy to be absorbed. It is especially suitable for children and the elderly; In addition, the fat content of fish is low, and unsaturated fatty acids account for 80% of the total fat, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; Fish fat also contains a 22 carbon 6-ene fatty acid, which is extremely important for activating brain nerve cells, improving brain function, enhancing memory and judgment. Therefore, it is often said that eating fish has brain strengthening effect.

5. When eating pork, it’s best to match with beans. 6667

soybean products contain a lot of lecithin, which can emulsify the plasma, make the particles of cholesterol and fat smaller, suspend in the plasma, and are not easy to deposit to the vascular wall, so as to prevent the formation of sclerotic plaque. 6. Don’t eat more than 200 grams of meat per day

according to the reasonable diet standard, each person needs about 45 grams of animal protein per day. These proteins can be obtained directly from meat and supplemented by eggs and dairy products. Therefore, it’s best to eat meat dishes at most once a day, and it’s best to eat them at lunch, and the amount of meat should be less than 200 grams. In breakfast and dinner, you can add some eggs and dairy products, you can fully meet the body’s need for animal protein in a day.

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