The production method of refined salt is

salt, which is the most common condiment in daily life. It can be said that delicious dishes can not be separated from salt. In fact, salt can not only play a role in seasoning, but also, more importantly, proper salt consumption will be of great help to health, Because it is the sodium element in the salt, it is also an indispensable element for human health. In addition, the addition of fine salt in food can also play a role in improving freshness.

and the salt that most people eat in life belongs to refined salt. Do you know how to make this kind of refined salt? What are the functions of daily refined salt? How to use refined salt correctly in daily life?

salt, also known as refined salt, is made from brine obtained from underground natural brine and rock salt solution mining and brine made from dissolved crude salt. The soluble impurities are removed by chemical method, clarified, and then evaporated, crystallized, dehydrated, dried and screened.

the effect and function of refined salt


2. Brine has the function of sterilization, preservation and antisepsis;

3. It can be used to clean the wound and prevent infection;

4. Sprinkled on food can keep fresh for a short time, used to pickle food can also prevent deterioration;

5. Water with salt can remove the cutin and dirt on the surface of the skin, and make the skin appear smooth? What should I do? What are you doing? School? The source of the sea?? Lu Lu Lu? Bluffing? We’re looking forward to your visit.? What’s the point?

techniques for making refined salt;

2. To make dishes such as chicken and fish, we should add less salt, because they are rich in delicious sodium glutamate, which will be salty;

3. Adding salt before cooking: that is, adding salt before the raw materials are heated. The purpose is to make the raw materials have a basic salty taste and shrinkage. When using cooking methods such as frying, exploding, sliding distillation and sliding frying, we can combine sizing, hanging paste and adding some salt. Because the main ingredients of this kind of cooking method are wrapped in a layer of paste, the taste is not allowed to enter, so we must add salt before cooking; In addition, some dishes can not be salted in the cooking process, such as steamed meat with lotus leaf powder, and must be salted before steaming. When cooking fish, in order to make the fish not broken, you also need to wipe it with salt or soy sauce first, but this salting method uses less salt, and the cooking time is shorter;

4. Adding salt in cooking: This is the most important method of adding salt. When cooking with frying, burning, boiling, braising, simmering, sliding and other techniques, add salt in cooking, and then add salt when the dishes are about to mature, so as to reduce the osmotic pressure of salt on the dishes and keep the dishes tender and loose without loss of nutrients;

5. Add salt after cooking: that is, add salt after the heating is completed, and the dishes are mainly fried, that is, sprinkle pepper salt and other seasonings after frying《 Shu materia medica: eating too much makes you lose color, dark skin and muscle strength.

the above is a brief introduction to the production skills of refined salt. In fact, from the perspective of health, excessive salt is very harmful to health. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to the control of salt consumption, so as to be more conducive to health.

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