The reason of headache after drinking is headache after drinking. Drink a glass of orange juice to detoxify and quench thirst

after drinking, the drunken state appears. I believe that everyone in the daily

, why do you have headache after drinking?

1. Headache after drinking: fusel oil causes trouble: there is a trace of fusel oil in both brewed wine and distilled wine, and fusel oil in wine is also a factor leading to dizziness and pain after drinking.

2, amine substance stimulation: beer, rice wine and fruit wine are rich in amine, and the amine itself is catecholamine substance, which can stimulate sympathetic nerve terminals to release epinephrine, and epinephrine has the effect of vasoconstriction and hypertension, leading to headache.

3, insufficient cerebral blood supply: drinking will reduce cerebral blood flow, and the decrease of cerebral blood flow will cause lactic acid, oxygen ion and methyl ion in the brain. Adenosine, prostaglandins and catecholamines are accumulated, which are pain causing substances in themselves, and these substances can also cause cerebral vasodilation.

activated carbon is the relief method for headache after drinking. Is it strange that you are looking forward to the relief method? We should pay attention to these precautions and avoid the problems. The use of activated carbon is a way to treat poisoning. Activated carbon can effectively absorb toxic substances, but it is worth noting that activated carbon can only be effective in the process of drinking or in a short period of time after drinking, because when the toxin is absorbed by the intestinal tract, activated carbon can not play its due role.

bone soup, this is also a very good way to alleviate, we should pay attention to the problems, do a good job in prevention can reduce the harm. Soup can improve the health of the body, bone soup is rich in minerals, can help you refresh, relieve fatigue, and soup rich in amino acids can help repair intestinal mucosa.

to add a lot of water, which is a good way to relieve headache, we still need to pay attention to improve one of the methods in our daily life. The most obvious way to relieve the headache after drinking is to drink a lot of water, supplement water, and it is best to take water rich in minerals and electrolytes, which can help the body quickly discharge toxic substances. You can also choose coconut water, which is rich in minerals and electrolytes. You can drink a large glass of water before going to bed, and then supplement the right amount of water after getting up the next day.

Pickle juice, if you get up the next day, the pain is obvious, you should pay attention to the method, do these can reduce the harm, also can avoid the problem, this can help you relieve the pain. Having some pickle juice sounds a bit weird, but it really works. On the one hand, pickle juice can help liver detoxify and quickly discharge harmful substances such as alcohol. On the other hand, pickle juice contains a kind of beneficial bacteria, which can help relieve stomach discomfort.

fruit, eat fruit to reduce headache, we should pay attention to prevention in daily life, eat more fruit, this is good for everyone’s health, can also relieve the pain after drinking. Fruit is rich in water and minerals, can meet the needs of the human body. The best choice is pears, because scientists have found that pears contain an enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. Of course, if you don’t like pears, you can also choose berries. Strawberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants, which can help fight against free radicals.

supplement of vitamin C, proper supplement, can reduce the harm, but also can improve the problem, so as to ease the drinking. Vitamin C has the effect of detoxification, and orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C, drink a large glass of orange juice after drinking, both detoxification and thirst.

eat a rich breakfast. After drinking, when you get up early, you should pay attention to your diet and eat breakfast. Only in this way can you slowly relieve the headache. The metabolism of alcohol will consume a lot of energy, so it is necessary to have a rich breakfast the next day. Of course, we have to pay attention to what we eat. It’s better to choose healthy foods such as boiled eggs, green leafy vegetables and whole wheat bread. Eggs are rich in cysteine, which can help metabolize alcohol; Vegetables and whole wheat bread are slow releasing carbohydrates, which can continuously supplement energy for the body; Fresh beans can also be supplemented with crude fiber and folic acid. But it should be noted that breakfast should avoid bacon, sausage and other food, so as not to increase the body’s metabolic burden.

How to prevent headache after drinking?

1, before drinking

(1) half an hour before drinking, drink a bottle of milk, preferably pure milk or sugar. It is said that drinking milk before drinking will form a thin film in the stomach, which can play a role in protecting the stomach. Therefore, before drinking, the measure to prevent headache after drinking can be drinking a glass of milk.

(2) before drinking, you can only eat 7 full meals, and you can’t drink a lot of water. Some people think that before drinking, they should fill their stomachs first and then drink. On the one hand, they have something in their stomachs to alleviate the impact of alcohol; On the other hand, it’s not easy to get drunk.


when drinking, some people drink more forthright, pay attention to a stuffy, in fact, this drink, the most easy to get drunk, the best small mouth slowly drink, so that will not be drunk, nor abdominal distension, headache.

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