The reason why honey can prevent allergy is

Honey can prevent the cause of allergy

honey can prevent the cause of allergy

drink a spoonful of honey every day can let you from cold, asthma, itching, cough and dry eye and other seasonal allergic symptoms?

experts found in the study that people with allergies, if they can insist on drinking a spoonful of honey every day for two consecutive years, will survive the season of high incidence of symptoms.

many people choose to take medicine to treat allergies, but drugs will bring certain adverse reactions, and even there have been cases of sudden death caused by anti allergic drugs. Therefore, drinking honey as a food therapy is relatively safer.

experts said that honey can prevent allergies for two reasons: first, it contains trace amounts of bee venom. Bee venom is a kind of poisonous liquid in bees, but it is used in the treatment of allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma. Second, people tend to have a habit of the food they eat. Once this habit is generated, there will be no allergic reaction when they eat related food again. Honey contains a certain amount of pollen grains, often drink will have a certain resistance to pollen allergy.

the consumption amount of honey should be one teaspoon per day. It’s OK to drink it directly or spread it on bread slices, but don’t heat it at high temperature. However, experts warned that people allergic to honey and infants under 1 year old had better not use this method.

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