The reason why leather bags are not durable is that you don’t maintain them well. They are not dry and easy to wear.

real leather bags are too expensive and there are many cheap styles of leather bags. They are very popular among female friends. But if the maintenance is neglected, cracks, wrinkles and even mildew may appear if you are not careful. In order to better extend the service life of leather bags, today we will introduce the maintenance knowledge of leather bags. Let’s learn the correct maintenance tips of leather bags together!

Lack of grease bag dry and vulnerable

leather is like human skin, there are pores secreting grease, lack of grease will crack aging, and lose toughness and luster. Therefore, to maintain a good leather bag, it is necessary to care as carefully as your own skin; Through daily simple maintenance, it can make leather bag more durable.

therefore, it is important to moisten leather bags regularly. When the weather is dry, the human skin is easy to dry; In the same way, the natural oil of leather itself will gradually decrease with time, or use too many times, leading to leather hardening, even wrinkles and fading. If less oil moistening, leather baby will become too dry, leading to leather color separation, damage bag.

if the leather bag is worn, it can be coated with colorless leather care cream. After it slowly penetrates, it can be polished with a clean and soft cloth. It can make the leather shine again and prevent the leather from drying.

3 Key points of major maintenance

1. Moisture proof

leather bags are most afraid of moisture and mildew. Once mildew occurs, it means that the cortical tissue changes, and permanently leaves stains and damages the bags. If the leather bag is moldy, wipe the surface with a wet cloth. However, if the bag is kept in a humid environment, it will get moldy again soon.

leather bags should be stored away from damp places as far as possible, such as near toilets. Simple moisture-proof methods include buying moisture-proof agent, or often using a soft cloth to wipe the bag, so that the bag blowing, breathable.

bags should be stored in a ventilated place. The most ideal way is to store them in an air-conditioned room. Don’t wipe the bag with wet paper towel or cloth, because moisture and alcohol should be avoided in leather.

2. Storage

do not put the bag in the original box. After use, it should be packed in a dust-proof bag to avoid oxidation of leather color.

in order to prevent dust or deformation, she suggested wrapping the newspaper with white cotton paper and stuffing it into the bag, so as to prevent the bag from deformation when it is not used and avoid the newspaper from polluting the bag. Don’t put small pillows or toys in your bags, she cautions. It will only promote the formation of mold.

3. Use and care

to extend the service life of leather bags, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance, with different leather special maintenance oil regular wipe maintenance. In addition, we should also pay attention to the following use and care tips:

★ use the purchased bag frequently.

★ clean regularly and moisten leather bags regularly.

★ pay attention to whether the bag is moldy, and ensure that the bag is stored in a ventilated place.

in general, as long as the leather bag is used with care, it should not be scratched, drenched or contaminated by stains when using, which is the basic knowledge of maintaining the leather bag.

prevention is better than treatment. Diligent maintenance of leather bags can not only prevent the leather bags from being contaminated with dirt, damp and moldy, otherwise, if the dirt is contaminated for a long time, there is no way to remove it. If you are not sure about the maintenance of the leather bag, you may as well send the leather bag to a professional leather maintenance center for thorough cleaning and repair, which is not only easy but also labor-saving.

How to deal with water in leather bags?

leather bags are most taboo to touch water. If you accidentally touch water, wipe it gently with a clean cloth, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. Remember, don’t take it to the sun for the sake of speed. High temperature irradiation will only lead to oxidation and discoloration of bag color, hardening and cracking of leather.

in addition, do not let the leather bag directly contact with the sun or close to any heating body, you can use an electric fan to dry the bag, but remember to adjust it to & lt; Cold wind & quot; pattern; Because the hot air will make the leather more and more dry, shrink, and damage the quality and style of the bag.

Leather bags are dirty. How to clean them? General leather bags need regular maintenance oil. Irregular cleaning is to wipe the oil on clean cotton cloth, and then wipe the surface evenly to avoid direct application of oil on leather, In order to avoid damage to the leather, special attention is to avoid chemical damage, hard leather bag to avoid the impact and scratch of solid objects.

2. Leather has strong absorptive power. It should pay attention to antifouling, especially for high-grade frosted leather.

3. Once a week, wet with a dry towel and then screw it dry. Repeat several times for light swab.

4. If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with clean wet sponge and warm detergent, and then let it dry naturally. Try it in an inconspicuous corner before use.

5. If it is stained with grease, it can be used to wipe clean with cloth, and the rest can be naturally dissipated or cleaned with detergent, and can not be wiped with water.

6, leather hardware maintenance should be wiped with dry cloth after use. If slightly oxidized, try to use flour or toothpaste to gently wipe the hardware.

7. The finished leather can be wiped with soft cloth. Its glossiness is enough and it is not easy to absorb dust.

8, glossy leather maintenance, please use a little leather maintenance special oil on the soft cloth, and then rub on the leather with a little force;

9, matte leather maintenance, usually only need to wipe with cloth, if the dirt is serious, can try to use rubber like rubber gently wipe to remove.

10. The natural grease of leather itself will gradually decrease with time or too many times of use, so even very high-grade leather products need regular maintenance.

11. If there are black spots on the leather, try to wipe the same color leather with alcohol.

12, LV package white color change with skin part, if there is not easy to remove stains. Don’t wash with water, you can use toothpaste. If the toothpaste can’t be wiped off, it can be polished with fine sandpaper. When polishing, pay attention to the strength, and gently grind off the stains on the surface.

13. When suede products are contaminated, they can be wiped off with rubber directly. When maintaining, they can be smoothed with a soft brush along the direction of hair quality.

cashmere bread will be cleaned according to the conventional cleaning method, and then the plush part can be cleaned again with warm solution; Pay attention to the plush part upward when drying; In case of rainy weather, the best use of dryer.

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