The reason why the magnetic card is demagnetized three aspects should be paid attention to in order to prevent the demagnetization of the magnetic card

now there are many old bank cards, shopping cards, membership cards and so on using magnetic stripe to record account information. If they are not kept properly, they are easy to be demagnetized, resulting in the card can not be used. How to prevent magnetic card demagnetization? Let’s talk about it today.

The reason why the magnetic card is degaussed is

1. The magnetic strip card is too close to the magnetic buckle in the wallet and wallet, and even contacts with the magnetic buckle.

2, together with mobile phones and other devices that can produce electromagnetic radiation for a long time.

3. It is too close to TV, tape recorder and other household appliances with strong magnetic field effect.

4. When used in the supermarket, it is too close to or even contact with the demagnetizing equipment used for anti-theft in the supermarket.

5 When multiple magnetic strip cards are put together, the magnetic strips of the two cards touch each other.

6, too close to or in contact with women’s leather bags and men’s handbags.

7, contact with address book and notebook with magnetic seal.

8. Contact with magnetic objects such as magnetic buckle on mobile phone cover and car key.

To prevent the magnetic card from degaussing, we should pay attention to the following three aspects: 6667

1. Nowadays, the locks of some backpacks and wallets are made of magnets; Snap & quot;, All kinds of magnetic cards with magnetic strips should be kept away from this kind of magnet.

2. Do not bend the magnetic card, and prevent sharp objects from wearing, scratching or twisting the magnetic strip. Several magnetic cards are put together to rub against each other. Although the magnetic card cannot be degaussed, it will damage the magnetic stripe area and the card can no longer be used. Therefore, it is best to put the magnetic card in a special card bag or put it in a protective sleeve.

3、 Magnetic card should not be close to high temperature environment or humid environment. General magnetic card material is PVC material, high temperature will make PVC deformation and even burning, directly lead to magnetic damage. If the magnetic card is placed in a humid environment or soaked in water for a long time, it will also cause the card to open and damage, and eventually can not be used.

4. You can use the aluminum foil used in the kitchen to make a small protective bag, Putting the important magnetic card in it can block the interference of electromagnetic wave and magnetic field, and protect the magnetic card from degaussing.

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