The right healthy eating chili 2 delicacies for you,

chili is an important vegetable and condiment. In particular, the spicy flavor of pepper is a taste that many people like. It can be said that there are many people in the world who like pepper, and even reach the realm of no spicy, no happy. But is it really good for health to eat pepper often? How can we eat chili correctly? Now follow to understand it!

1 Why is eating pepper addictive? Strictly speaking, spicy is not a sense of taste, but a sense of pain. If you accidentally touch the pepper seed, it will sting after a period of time.

spicy sensation is perceived through capsaicin, which acts on receptor protein in pain fiber and stimulates nerve pathway of pain conduction.

and because the pungency stimulates the pain medium, the brain thinks that there is pain, it will release the analgesic substance & mdash& mdash; Endorphins. With the continuous improvement of the level of endorphin, the human body will have a happy and pleasant feeling, which makes many people & lt; No spicy, no happy & quot; It’s too late.

in addition, the habit of being fond of spicy food is also affected by the regional climate. Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing belong to the humid and cold climate. They often eat hot pepper, which can eliminate dampness and resist cold.

some people are addicted to spicy food, while others keep away from it. They think that acne is harmful to their stomach. Is it healthy to eat spicy food?

2, spicy food, acne or skin beauty?

many mushroom cools said: I can’t eat spicy food, as soon as I eat spicy food, I will burst out. But have you found that Sichuan girls eat spicy food every day, but their skin is delicate and smooth! Is acne really pepper’s fault?

first of all, let’s find out why we have acne? When the hair follicle sebaceous glands in the skin over secrete sebum, if not discharged, coupled with bacterial infection, it will form acne. Secondly, so far, there is no clear evidence that spicy food can directly cause acne.

but someone must retort: since eating spicy hot pot does not produce acne, why do I explode acne when I eat spicy hot pot?

in fact, this is not surprising. Every time it’s so hot, do you pick up the drink around you and pour it hard? Take a look at the menu, left a plate of meat, right a plate of animal viscera, but also from time to time to drink a few pot soup & hellip& hellip;

this meal of high fat, high salt and high sugar, you don’t have acne, who has acne?

although eating spicy will not directly lead to the formation of acne, for people with oily skin, eating spicy will stimulate the secretion of oil. If too much oil is not cleaned up in time, pores will be blocked, and acne will also occur.

if your skin itself has slight inflammation, capsaicin will speed up blood circulation, causing the outflow of inflammatory factors to the surface of the skin, leading to more serious inflammation and the formation of acne.

therefore, if you want to avoid acne, the key is to do a good job in daily facial cleaning, and eat more vitamin rich food.

3 Is eating chili hurt stomach or protect stomach?

after eating spicy food, there is always a burning feeling in the stomach. Many people feel that eating spicy food hurts the stomach. But in fact, studies have shown that a small amount of capsaicin can stimulate the secretion of gastric mucus, repair gastric mucosa, and protect the stomach.

not only that, according to the British Medical Journal: compared with people who eat spicy food less than once a week, people who eat spicy food every day or two have a 14% lower death rate! In addition, capsaicin can dilate blood vessels, which has certain benefits to assist in controlling blood pressure and blood lipids; It can also stimulate the body to produce some active enzymes, help the heart beat, and prevent atherosclerosis.

a study shows that capsaicin can enhance exercise endurance, promote energy consumption and fat burning, which is beneficial for overweight people to lose weight.

suggests that pepper can nourish the stomach, but it is not suitable for eating too much pepper in the acute attack stage of some chronic diseases, and it is not suitable for eating in the acute stage of gastric ulcer; If the pepper allergy, can not eat spicy, you can eat onion, ginger, etc., have a certain bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect.

in addition, although the pepper is good, we should also grasp the degree, eating too much may be counterproductive. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, oral ulcers, constipation, etc. should eat less or not.

from this point of view, many people are wrong about pepper. In reality, the following ingredients are given to you: 400g Sanhuang chicken, 50g-60g erjingtiao dried pepper, 1tbsp Zanthoxylum bungeanum, 2 slices garlic, 2 slices ginger, proper amount of cooked white sesame, 1tsp salt, 1tsp flour, 1tsp sesame oil, 1tsp sugar, 2tsp cooking wine, 1tsp soy sauce Proper amount of oil and chicken powder

recipe: 1. Wash the chicken, remove the head and claws, and chop it into small pieces about 2cm. Add cooking wine, salt, soy sauce and flour and marinate for 20 minutes. Add enough salt here, the salt is not easy to absorb into the chicken..

2. Chop the erjingtiao red pepper; 1 tbsp pepper, set aside; Slice garlic and shred ginger.

3, frying pan with half a pot of oil, can not over chicken. Heat to 50% heat over medium heat (you can throw a piece of chicken in first, and fine bubbles will appear). Deep fry the chicken in medium heat until it is golden yellow. Remove it.

4. Heat the oil pan again, fry the chicken again and remove it. This can force out the chicken extra fat, more crisp and delicious.

5, add a little oil in the pot, warm oil and low heat, first roast pepper.

6, successively add shredded ginger, garlic, erjingtiao dry pepper, stir fry a strong aroma.

7. Add diced chicken into the pan and stir fry for a while. Like soft chicken, you can add some hot water to boil vegetables.

8, add sugar, cooking wine, chicken powder, sesame oil, stir well.

9. Sprinkle some cooked sesame seeds before leaving the pot. Eat hot chicken!

recipe tips:

1. When marinating chicken, you must add enough salt, but later cooking will not taste good.

2, xuanerjingtiao dry pepper can bear its spicy relatively. If you are afraid of spicy, you can reduce the amount. If you cut the chilli and filter the seeds inside, it will also reduce the spicy degree.

Ingredients: 6 pieces of chicken wings, 20g dry pepper, 3G red pepper powder, 6G prickly ash oil, 10g Pixian bean paste, 2G white sesame, 5g salt, 10ml cooking wine, 3G sugar, 2G chicken essence, proper amount of oil Onion decoration

recipe practice: 1, clean the chicken wings, in the chicken wings draw two twills.

2, add 3G salt, 10ml cooking wine, and marinate for about 10 minutes.

3, add oil in the pan, heat over medium heat to 60%, fry the chicken wings until golden red. Take out the control oil.

4, pan remaining oil, turn to low heat, 50% hot when the next into dry pepper, pepper stir fry.

5, add Pixian Douban sauce to stir fry.

6, put chicken wings in the pot and turn well.

7, add chicken essence, sugar, chili powder, 2G salt, sprinkle with pepper oil. Stir fry with medium and small fire until fragrant, the color of chicken wings turns crimson.

8. Sprinkle sesame seeds and garnish with chives before leaving the pot.

recipe tips: the most important feature of dry fried vegetables is the continuous stir frying of medium heat oil. After the materials are fried in advance, there is not much oil in the pot. Medium and small heat, hot oil, long time of stir fry, let the food taste, texture toughness.

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