The right time to drink soup is

Choose the right time for health preservation by drinking soup:

choose the right time for health preservation by drinking soup:

Chinese traditional health preservation attaches great importance to the health function of porridge and soup on human body. Li Shizhen once praised porridge in compendium of Materia Medica; It’s very soft and greasy, and it’s the best recipe for diet;. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that porridge can tonify Yin fluid, generate stomach fluid, strengthen spleen and stomach, and replenish deficiency and damage, so it is the most suitable to nourish people. After the porridge is cooked, there is a layer of delicate, viscous substance floating on it, which is called & lt; Rice oil;, Commonly known as congee oil, is the essence of porridge. It tastes sweet and smooth, nourishes Yin and strength, fattens the five organs and orifices, facilitates urination and relieves gonorrhea. It is the first choice to supplement food for gastrointestinal discomfort and other diseases. If taken for a long time, it can alleviate and assist in the treatment of stomach diseases.

experts said that drinking the appropriate soup at different times can make the health care effect get twice the result with half the effort.

generally speaking, eating porridge for breakfast is very good for health, and it is suitable to match some coarse cereals and vegetables. Breakfast porridge can add ginseng, ginger, yam, lily, sesame, red beans, walnuts and other things. If we don’t like porridge, we can also choose to drink soy milk or milk. Milk or soybean milk contains a lot of calcium, protein and vitamins, which can meet the needs of human nutrition. Breakfast porridge, dinner can also be eaten.

noon is the best time to drink soup. Drinking some soup before lunch can not only play a role in health care, but also make the food in the stomach fully close to the stomach wall, nourish the stomach, and enhance the sense of fullness, so as to reduce appetite, which is very beneficial for those obese people to lose weight and health care. At lunch time, radish soup, wax gourd soup, tomato soup, kelp soup and laver soup are all good choices.

before going to bed at night to add some soup, such as milk, honey water, etc., is also a very scientific health method. According to traditional Chinese medicine, milk has & lt; Tonifying deficiency and kidney, generating fluid and moistening lung, supplementing qi and nourishing blood & quot; To drink a glass of milk about an hour before going to bed at night can not only supplement nutrition, but also improve the quality of sleep. Drinking honey water at night is helpful to beauty, replenish various trace elements, and has the effect of harmonizing stomach and moistening intestines, which can effectively prevent constipation and other diseases.

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