The right way to eat black wolfberry

how to eat black wolfberry? Our usual way to eat black wolfberry is to drink it in water. We know that black wolfberry is a kind of wolfberry, but its nutrition is more abundant than ordinary wolfberry. Black wolfberry contains a variety of nutrients needed by human body, Black wolfberry is one of the most precious medicinal materials, so we should be good at using it.

since black wolfberry fruit is so precious, then what is the correct way to eat? Generally we can use black wolfberry seed to make stew, such as stewed chicken. But the simplest and most healthy way for us to eat is, of course, the black wolfberry fruit is soaked in water, so that it can make people absorb the essence of black wolfberry.

L. ruthenicum Murr is one of the special economic plant resources in China. It has the function of medicine and food homology. The medicinal value of Lycium ruthenicum is similar to that of Lycium barbarum, and its mature fruit is purple black. Black fruit wolfberry can nourish liver and kidney, benefit essence and improve eyesight. Modern science believes that Lycium ruthenicum can reduce cholesterol, excite brain nerves, enhance immune function, prevent cancer, anti-aging and beauty. Fructus Lycii extract can promote cellular immune function, enhance lymphocyte proliferation and tumor necrosis factor production. It has a two-way mediation effect on interleukin and can alleviate the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

by scientific determination, the content of vitamin and fat in black fruit Lycium barbarum is much higher than that in red fruit Lycium barbarum, the content of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper in black fruit Lycium barbarum is much higher than the average content of red fruit Lycium barbarum, the content of potassium and manganese is far lower than the average value, and the content of sodium is basically the same. Lycium ruthenicum is also a good natural supplement of cobalt and nickel. In recent years, people are gradually advocating black food.

we have introduced what is black wolfberry, we know that black wolfberry is a very precious traditional Chinese medicine, health should choose black wolfberry, which is the best Chinese medicine to help the human body, That is, we recommend using black wolfberry to soak in water, which is very effective.

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