The right way to supplement iron in food meat is a treasure house of iron

now when people think of iron supplement, they often think of eating spinach or animal liver. In fact, Auricularia auricula is also the highest iron content in all kinds of food, and the effect of iron supplement is also the best. Now follow to understand it!

The correct way to supplement iron is

. Because vitamin C is a famous reducing agent, it can reduce trivalent iron into easily absorbed divalent iron. Therefore, when the baby takes iron, take vitamin C or eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, vegetables and fruits Citrus, kiwifruit, etc. are conducive to the absorption of iron.

alkaline food, such as cucumber, carrot, soda biscuit, can neutralize gastric acid, reduce gastric acidity, which is not conducive to the absorption of iron; Dairy products, peanut kernel, walnut kernel, sesame paste, egg yolk, animal liver and other foods contain more calcium and phosphorus, because these two elements are easy to form insoluble compounds with iron, which will also affect the absorption of iron. Therefore, it is best to take these foods and take iron staggered 1-2 hours.

All kinds of cola and Sprite carbonated sodas often contain sodium bicarbonate, aluminum hydroxide and other basic drugs, which can neutralize gastric acid and reduce the acidity in the stomach. It is also not conducive to the absorption of iron. Therefore, when taking iron, don’t give your baby soda.

meat is a treasure house of iron. Meat contains heme iron, which is the most easily absorbed iron and can be directly used to synthesize human hemoglobin! The more red the meat is, the more heme it contains. Liver, heart, kidney and red lean meat are all good things for enriching blood. In fact, meat is not necessarily high in fat. For example, the fat content of sauced beef is very low, but it contains a lot of iron; Black bone chicken is rich in trace elements and low fat food.

What does the food that supplements iron have?

1, Auricularia auricula: the content of iron is very high, people have regarded it as a good blood tonic since ancient times. Every 100 grams of Auricularia auricula contains 98 mg of iron, which is about 5 times higher than pig liver with the highest iron content in animal food, and 30 times higher than spinach with the highest iron content in green leaf vegetables.

2, lean meat: Although the iron content in lean meat is not too high, but the utilization rate of iron is relatively good, and it is easy to buy and process, also like to eat.

3, animal liver: liver is rich in various nutrients, is the first choice to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Pig liver contains 25 mg of iron per 100 g, which is easily absorbed by human body.

4 Spinach: the absorption rate of iron in plant food is not high, but spinach in vegetables is rich in iron.

5, sesame: sesame is rich in various nutrients, is an excellent nutritional food. Every 100 grams of sesame paste contains 58 mg of iron. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein and fat. It is very popular.

6, soybean and its products: every 100 grams of soybean and soybean powder contains 11 mg of iron, the absorption rate of human body is 7%, far higher than that of rice and flour.

dietary fiber should not be excessive intake, excessive fiber affects the absorption of trace elements (including iron). At the same time, drink less tea and coffee, so as not to hinder the absorption of iron.

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