The self-made method of summer Qinghuo fruit beverage

Self made method of summer Qinghuo fruit drink

self made method of summer Qinghuo fruit drink

in summer, people in both the South and the North like to boil a bowl of drink that can relieve the heat. This kind of tea can also effectively expel toxins from the human body, thus promoting the metabolism of organs. Today I would like to introduce the self-made method of Qinghuo drink.

carrot milk juice

ingredients preparation: a carrot, a cup of skimmed milk, a cup of coconut milk.

operation steps: 1. Wash the carrot first and then press the juice. 2. The milk and coconut juice and carrot juice combined note: milk and coconut juice can promote the metabolism of the human body, while removing harmful toxins in the human body. Milk can not be eaten with acidic food, it will form a certain precipitation in the body, so when choosing vegetable juice with milk, you should choose alkaline food. It happens that the coconut juice and carrot juice mentioned above are alkaline food. So you can drink it safely.

kiwi fruit lemon juice

ingredients preparation: 4 kiwi fruit, half lemon, honey.

operation steps: 1. Put the kiwi fruit into the blender after peeling, and make it muddy. 2. Squeeze half a lemon into juice. 3. Add some ice water. 4. Ice water, kiwi puree and lemon juice should be mixed evenly. 5. Add a little honey to drink.

orange juice

ingredients preparation: two oranges, an appropriate amount of salt.

operation steps: 1. Wash the orange. 2. Then squeeze the oranges into orange juice. 3. If the juice is too thick, add a little cold water. Drink the juice as soon as possible before oxidation. The taste is sweet and sour.

mango cherry juice

summer clear fire drink fruit formula introduction

ingredients preparation: Mango 300g, cherry 200g.

operation steps: 1. Wash mango, peel and core, and then cut into small pieces. 2. Pour the mango into the grinder to crush the fruit mud. 3. Pour into a glass, add ice water and mix into juice. 4. Wash the cherries and garnish them in a cup.

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