The Seven Magic effects of shampoo

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Seven little magic effects of shampoo

1. It can also remove all kinds of stains on clothes with shampoo. Pour a few drops up, rub a few times, soak a bubble and then clean.

2. When you are in a hurry to go out, a little shampoo can make your shoes shine again. Just apply shampoo to the worn area, wipe it open and polish it.

3. Your comb has been used many times, has it not been cleaned yet? Pour a few drops of shampoo into the hot water, put the comb in, soak for a few minutes, and then wash.

4. The green plants in the house will be covered with dust after being placed for a long time. Drop a few drops of shampoo in clean water, stir evenly, soak the rag down, wring it dry, and then use it to wipe the leaves, which is much better than directly wiping with clean water.

5. If the zipper suddenly jammed, you can drop a drop of shampoo to the jammed position and then pull to ensure smooth as new.

6. If there is no shaving cream, shampoo can also be your good helper. Add some water and shake it. Does the bubble come out? Its bubble is not only more than soap, but also not as dry as soap.

7. No matter what the car is, as long as there is chromium, you can wash it with shampoo and baking soda. Remember to rinse before polishing.

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