The simplest ways to sober up are

. The social pressure competition is very big. Every day, there are many people who drink with their guests in the light of their positions. It’s as if they can only finish their own cases if they drink their clients down. At the same time of pouring out customers, those who are too drunk will get drunk. As a urbanite, we should learn how to take care of ourselves. Today I’m going to talk about the simplest way to relieve alcohol.

steps / methods

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the first method is to drink honey after getting drunk. This method can not only wake up quickly, but also relieve headache after getting drunk very effectively. Therefore, drinking honey is a perfect way to relieve alcohol after getting drunk.

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the second method is to eat fruit or drink water and fruit juice. The more common fruits are grapes, apples, oranges, pears, sugar cane and so on. Besides sobering up, some fruits can also induce vomiting and relieve headache, which is a healthy and economical way to relieve alcohol.

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the third method, mung bean soup or mung bean sand, can relieve alcohol. Take out the right amount of mung bean, wash it, mash it, boil it into soup with boiling water or take it directly.

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the fourth method, with fresh eggs with milk can also play the role of anti alcohol. Because the milk itself can play a role in protecting the stomach, the egg white and milk in the eggs cooked together, can play the role of sobering up and antipyretic. The effect is not bad.

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the fifth method is relatively simple and commonly used, cold compress the forehead with a towel. This method is not fast, but it is economical and convenient, and can be used at any time.

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the sixth method, if the drunk is more severe, you can try to use white vinegar and a little sugar, and then mix well, take it, drink it all at one time, the effect of antialcoholism is very fast. White vinegar about 20-30 ml appearance, sugar as long as a few grams can.


1. If you are not suffering to the extreme, try not to induce vomiting, which will hurt your health

2. There is no scientific basis for strong tea to relieve alcohol

. I will introduce you several ways to sober up, and you should remember them well. Maybe one day you will get drunk in a strange place, and you will have no friends or relatives to take care of you, So you can get rid of alcohol by yourself in the way I said today. Drunk will always be very uncomfortable, only the solution of the wine, can be more comfortable, so we must remember what I said today.

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