The size of the dining table

is indispensable at home. Especially some newly decorated families will choose some suitable dining tables. Now there are many types of dining tables, including rectangular ones and oval ones. Many people can’t handle the size of the dining table well. When they buy the dining table home, they will find that the size is not suitable, and some families can’t open it, Therefore, the determination of the size of the table is very important, will avoid some trouble.

there are many kinds of table sizes. It depends on how many people you choose and the shape of the table. Choosing the right table can make it look very harmonious. However, many people don’t know what size to buy when they buy a table, and find it inappropriate when they buy it home.

1: common rectangular table size: 76cm x 76cm; 107cm x

76cm。 If the chair can stretch into the bottom of the table, even if it is a small corner, you can also put a six seat table. When eating, just pull out the table. 760cm table width is the standard size, at least should not be less than 700cm, otherwise, the table will be too narrow and touch each other’s feet. The foot of dining table had better shrink in the middle, if 4 feet arrange in 4 corners, very inconvenient. The height of the table is generally 710cm, with 415cm high seats.

table size: 140 * 80 * 78cm


Korean pastoral flavor, warm, romantic, elegant, the table is more prominent is the beauty of time and space.

2: table size for six: 140 × About 70 cm.

for rectangular and oval dining table, this size is the most appropriate. Now the dining room space is generally rectangular, so the generous table and round table are less used. The rectangular

table for six people is the most common. If the family has a small population, in order to save space, you can buy some retractable tables, which usually occupy a small area. It is very practical to open them when you come to friends.

dining table size: 140 * 80 * 76 cm

features: the deep paint exudes a classical flavor, and the arc design of the dining table in line with the principle of ergonomics makes people sit more comfortable and enjoy.

3: table size of round table:

if the furniture of living room and dining room is square or rectangular, the diameter of round table can be increased from 15cm. In ordinary small and medium-sized houses, if the dining table with a diameter of 120cm is too large, a round table with a diameter of 114cm can be customized, which can also seat 8-9 people, but it seems that the space is spacious. If you use a table with a diameter of more than 900cm, you can sit many people, but you should not put too many fixed chairs. For example, a dining table with a diameter of 120cm and eight chairs is very crowded. It can hold 4-6 chairs.

dining table size: 150 * 150 * 78 cm


is luxurious and elegant, fashionable and romantic, the style has too much decoration and rich effect, and is coordinated with ivory, forming a solemn and luxurious indoor atmosphere.

the size of the dining table depends on the type of dining table you choose, and the dining table is also very important. If a suitable dining table is placed at home, it will not only make us feel very comfortable, but also make us have a good appetite. Before buying a dining table, we must know the size of some dining tables, and set it according to the size of our home, Choosing the right table will make the room look harmonious.

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