The specific method of dry sea cucumber foaming

sea cucumber is a very nourishing sea product. Eating sea cucumber often can play a very good anti-aging effect. In addition, sea cucumber has the advantages of anti-tumor and lowering blood pressure. Eating sea cucumber often can play a very good role in health preservation and health care, so sea cucumber is deeply loved by people, We usually see sea cucumbers are processed dried sea cucumbers, dried sea cucumbers need to be foamed before they can be eaten. Let’s take a look at the foaming method of dried sea cucumber.

1 immersion: clean and oil-free containers into pure water, put dry sea cucumber, the amount of water to no more than sea cucumber, immersion for 24 hours, every 12 hours for pure water, soaking standard: can easily sea cucumber large angle bending.

2 cleaning: cut the abdomen of the sea cucumber along the direction of the incision, remove the sand mouth on the head, and cut the white tendons on the inner wall of the sea cucumber from the middle to clean the body of the sea cucumber. When cleaning, the incision of the sea cucumber is the best.

3 boiling: put the cleaned sea cucumber and cold water into a clean oil-free pot at the same time, and the water should be about 5-10cm less than sea cucumber. First, bring the water to a boil over medium heat, then turn down the heat (just bubbling on the water surface) and cook for 30-50 minutes. After turning off the heat, simmer the sea cucumber without opening the lid until it is naturally cool. Remove the stuffy sea cucumber; Continue to cook the sea cucumber for the second time if it is not stuffy. The method is the same as above (cook for 10-30 minutes on low heat) until all the sea cucumbers are out of the pot.

4 water hair: put all the sea cucumbers out of the pot into 0 degree pure water, put a large number of ice cubes into the refrigerator, so that the warm water starts to maintain about 0 degree, the water should be less than 10 cm of sea cucumbers, start soaking water hair, change the pure water and ice cubes every 8 hours, generally after about 2-3 days, sea cucumbers can be used.

in the above article, we introduced the efficacy and role of sea cucumber, often eat sea cucumber can not only improve our body’s immunity, but also play a very good health effect and health care role, the above details the foaming method of dry sea cucumber.

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