The spirit of eating breakfast is

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The spirit of eating breakfast in this way is

. The spirit of eating breakfast in this way is

people’s three meals a day. Breakfast is very important. Just as the plan of the day is in the morning, if you don’t eat breakfast or eat well, you will be hungry before lunch, which will affect the work efficiency and greatly reduce the score of mood. Eating at the right time at the best time makes the body feel energetic. So in the choice of breakfast time and food, you should pay attention to Oh, so how to eat breakfast healthy?

breakfast time is best at 7:00 am

in the morning, the sun slowly rises, the body also gradually wake up. By about 7 a.m., the gastrointestinal tract has fully awakened, and the digestive system has started to operate. At this time, eating breakfast is the most efficient way to digest and absorb food nutrition. Full Score breakfast should include at least three types of food: Cereals, such as noodles, etc; Animal food, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, etc; There are also vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C and can supplement dietary fiber. If you add one or two nuts, it’s perfect.

should be soft rather than hard

in the morning, the body’s spleen is sluggish, often make people have a bad appetite, especially for the elderly. Therefore, breakfast should not eat greasy, fried, hard and irritating food, otherwise it is easy to cause indigestion. Breakfast should be easy to digest warm, soft food, such as milk, soy milk, noodles, wonton, etc., it is best to eat porridge. If you can add some lotus seed, jujube, yam, longan, Coix and other health food in porridge, the effect is better.

should be less but not more

the energy intake for breakfast should account for 25% ~ 30% of the total energy of the whole day, and it is generally enough to eat 70%. Excessive diet will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, over time, will make the decline of digestive function, gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, a large number of food residues are stored in the large intestine and decomposed by the bacteria in the large intestine. The protein decomposition products will enter the human blood through the intestinal wall, which is harmful to the human body and prone to vascular diseases.

food for breakfast:

food rich in high-quality protein: such as eggs, milk, sausage, soybean milk, etc. Foods rich in vitamin C: juice, vegetables, fruits, etc. Carbohydrate rich staple food: such as bread, steamed bread, rolls, etc., water rich liquid food: such as rice porridge, milk, soybean milk, juice, etc.

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