The strongest fruit in autumn: Rosa roxburghii Tratt

The strongest fruit in autumn: Rosa roxburghii Tratt

the strongest fruit in autumn: Rosa roxburghii Tratt

a few days ago, a friend brought back a strange fruit from the suburbs of Beijing & mdash& mdash; Rosa roxburghii Tratt. The shape is a bit like a pear, and there are many small thorns on the surface, so it is named Rosa roxburghii Tratt. Rosa roxburghii Tratt originated from Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. Now it is cultivated in Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangxi and Hubei provinces. Its taste and appearance will be different due to the geographical relationship.

August and September is the ripening time of Rosa roxburghii Tratt. The small yellow fruit (some with a red halo) has a strong fragrance. Peel off the skin with thorns, the yellow and white pulp will be exposed, and there are small black seeds. It tastes sour and sweet, but the taste is a little astringent.

the Rosa roxburghii Tratt is not only strange in appearance, but also a & lt; Nutrition treasure house;, Rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. In particular, the content of vitamin C is as high as 2585 mg / 100g (kiwifruit only has 62 mg / 100g), which is absolutely & lt; The king of VC;. In addition to these, Rosa roxburghii Tratt also contains Rosa roxburghii Tratt flavonoids, which as an active ingredient, has good antioxidant activity in human body. In addition, Rosa roxburghii Tratt polysaccharide also has scavenging effect on free radicals.

Rosa roxburghii Tratt has a high content of tannin. It is astringent to eat it directly. Moreover, there are sharp thorns on its epidermis, which are easy to prick. It is recommended to drink Rosa roxburghii Tratt juice, 200 grams of pulp and 1 liter of water (generally 20% juice content is better); In addition, you can also use Rosa roxburghii Tratt juice (Rosa roxburghii Tratt mashed residue to stay juice) and rice and rock sugar with sweet porridge to drink, taste very good.

the strongest fruit in autumn: the king of jujube, sour jujube

fresh jujube is on the market in autumn, sharp jujube, chubby winter jujube, and I like to eat sour jujube best. Fresh jujube is rich in vitamin C, red jujube nourishing, for sour jujube, many people do not know. Now let’s introduce it to you.

there are more than 700 cultivated jujube varieties in China, and sour jujube is the most suitable variety for processing functional health food. Jujube is mostly concentrated in northern mountainous areas, many of which are pure natural wild products.

compared with common fresh jujube, the contents of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium of sour jujube are much higher than fresh jujube (dietary fiber is 6 times of fresh jujube, calcium is 20 times, iron is 6 times). Fresh jujube is rich in VC, which is inferior to sour jujube. The VC content of sour jujube is as high as 900 mg / 100 g, which can be called the king of jujube. In addition, Zizyphus jujuba has the functions of calming the nerves, nourishing the heart and astringent perspiration.

the organic acids in Zizyphus jujuba can promote digestion, relieve greasiness and appetizer. In addition, proper eating can also increase gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. About 20 a day can meet the demand for vitamin C. But spleen and stomach weakness or excessive gastric acid secretion should not be more than 10, so as not to cause discomfort.

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