The taboo of chrysanthemum tea is

Health drink method of chrysanthemum tea health drink method of chrysanthemum tea taboo

health drink method of chrysanthemum tea

brewing with boiling water is best not to add rock sugar

brewing chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use a transparent glass, generally choose about five chrysanthemums, in the right amount of boiling water can be added. Usually a cup of chrysanthemum tea is brewed five to seven times.

some people like to add some rock sugar or honey to chrysanthemum tea, which will make it sweeter.

experts believe that adding proper amount of sugar or honey to adjust the taste is OK, but for patients with diabetes or high blood sugar, try not to add.

in addition, people with weak spleen and stomach had better not add sugar, too sweet tea is easy to lead to sour mouth and saliva increase, prone to discomfort.

chrysanthemum tea with hawthorn and Chinese wolfberry are beneficial to health. In addition to boiling water, chrysanthemum tea can also be mixed with some food ingredients. Besides different taste, it can also obtain different health functions.

chrysanthemum tea with hawthorn, help to reduce blood pressure, obesity or hypertension patients can drink more. Chrysanthemum with honeysuckle, help to prevent wind heat cold and sore throat. Chrysanthemum with medlar, clear liver and clear eyes, suitable for students who stay up late to study.

taboo of drinking chrysanthemum tea

1, allergic constitution

in our real life, some people will be allergic to chrysanthemum tea, if drinking chrysanthemum tea will cause skin redness, rash and other allergic phenomena. So those people with allergic constitution who drink chrysanthemum tea will have side effects, which is not good for their health.

2, pregnant women

chrysanthemum tea is cold and sweet in nature, which has excellent effect of removing fire. However, pregnant women have low immunity and weak spleen and stomach. Eating chrysanthemum tea is easy to stimulate intestines and stomach, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus.

3, cold constitution

, cold constitution fear cold, weak body, weak spleen and stomach, low immunity, even in summer there will be cold hands and feet, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms, chrysanthemum tea cold, will only aggravate its symptoms, not good for health.

4, typhoid people

generally, typhoid people are caused by a cold, and the properties of chrysanthemum tea determine that this kind of cold patients are not suitable to drink, in addition, cold and throat inflammation can not drink chrysanthemum tea.

because chrysanthemum tea can stimulate gastric acid secretion, aggravate throat inflammation, delay the recovery time and reduce the quality of recovery.

5, the elderly and children

maybe we think that the elderly can lower blood pressure and cholesterol by drinking chrysanthemum tea, and it’s not harmful to eat in summer, but the elderly’s digestive function is decreased, and the spleen and stomach are weak. Drinking chrysanthemum tea may cause gastrointestinal diseases, so the elderly should be careful.

children are at the peak of their growth and development, and their Yang Qi is just right. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can reduce their Yang Qi, so it’s better to ban it.

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