The temperature in many places has fallen below freezing point. What food to eat to prevent colds in winter is

it is reported that the temperature in many places has dropped sharply recently. It is reported that the temperature in many places has fallen below freezing point. This means that autumn and winter are coming to an end, but we must not ignore the terrible cold virus. Therefore, the prevention of cold in autumn and winter must be kept in mind. Here are the methods to prevent colds in autumn and winter.

according to the media, there was a large-scale cooling around this weekend. With the advent of cold air, cold patients will gradually increase. So how to prevent cold in autumn and winter?

in many parts of North China, the first snow is blowing with strong wind and cooling fiercely. Yesterday, the middle and eastern parts of Northwest China, the central and western parts of Inner Mongolia, most of North China, most of Huanghuai River and the central and southern parts of Northeast China were covered with rain and snow, mainly with light to moderate rain (snow). It is estimated that there will be a large-scale cooling in the Middle East today, with a drop of more than 10 ℃ in Guizhou, Hunan and other places. It is still cloudy and rainy in Southwest China, Jianghuai and other places, and rainstorm in Yunnan.

the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that there will be a temperature drop of 4-8 ℃ in central North China, central and southern Northeast China, Eastern Southwest China, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and Northern South China today and tomorrow. Among them, some areas in central and Southern Guizhou and southwestern Hunan will have a temperature drop of more than 10 ℃. In addition, there are moderate to heavy rain in the eastern and southern parts of Southwest China, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Western Jiangnan and other places, and heavy rain in the southern Sichuan Basin, the central and Northern Yunnan, and Eastern Taiwan.

since October this year, affected by cold air after cold air, the temperature in the North has dropped significantly. The temperature in the central and western parts of Northwest China, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China has broken zero, and the lowest temperature in most parts of North China has generally dropped below 5 ℃. Presumably, friends in these places have put on autumn and winter trousers.

autumn and winter cold weather, how should we prevent the occurrence of disease? Cold, in particular, is the most likely cause of colds. Here’s how to prevent colds in autumn and winter.

Six measures to prevent cold in autumn and winter:

1, heat preservation and cold protection

dry in autumn and winter, cold temperature, are bad stimulation to respiratory mucosa. Therefore, to protect the respiratory tract, we should start from autumn and winter. We should not only pay attention to the indoor temperature, but also maintain a certain humidity. We should make full use of the humidifier. It’s best to adjust it at about 50% – 70% to prevent dryness from taking away the moisture in the respiratory tract and make the mucous membrane dry, chapped, thin and lose its defense ability.

2, add clothes in the morning and evening

the elderly, children and some people with weak constitution and poor resistance must take a coat when going out in the morning and evening& ldquo; Spring covers autumn and winter freezes; People with weak constitution and poor resistance should pay more attention to keeping warm. In the choice of autumn and winter clothing, we should also fully consider the comfort, protection and health care and other factors.

3, vinegar fumigation room

heat the mature vinegar, close the doors and windows, and fumigate in the room once a period of time. Can effectively kill off cold and other bacteria.

4, fitness

exercise is one of the methods to prevent cold in autumn and winter. In autumn and winter, we should take a moderate walk, play ball, do exercises, practice boxing and sword outside, so as to improve the body’s ability to resist cold and prevent the occurrence of cold.

5, reasonable diet

, adhere to the principle of diversity, balance and appropriate amount. Avoid partial food, picky food and single diet. Autumn and winter because the air is dry, can give children appropriate more water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits to supplement vitamins, especially vitamin C also has a certain anti cold effect. At the same time, eating more bean products, fish, shrimp and eggs can provide high-quality protein food, so as to enhance the body’s disease resistance.

6, face washing

wash your face with cold water in the morning and soak your feet with hot water at night. Long term adherence can promote blood circulation, improve body resistance and effectively prevent colds.

What food to eat to prevent cold in autumn and winter

1, grains

, grains are rich in zinc, which is essential to the immune system. Try whole grain buckwheat noodles, or rice made from a variety of grains.

2 and chicken soup

drinking more chicken soup can improve the immune function of healthy people in the season of alternating seasons and big temperature changes. People who have a cold can drink chicken soup to reduce the number of mucus secretions and coughs in the respiratory tract and relieve the pain caused by a cold. The nutritional elements contained in the broth can help patients maintain the energy needed by the body, and help reduce the drowsiness symptoms of patients.

3, fennel seed

fennel seed is a kind of natural expectorant, which can resolve phlegm and relieve cough. 1.5 teaspoon fennel seeds can be soaked in boiling water for 15 minutes, add honey to drink, can prevent a cold.

4, ginger sugar water

first add brown sugar, heat and boil, then add the cut ginger, cook for about 10 minutes, drink while hot to prevent cold.

5 and pickled radish

Japanese scientists have found that pickled radish is rich in Lactobacillus brevis, a beneficial bacteria that can enhance human immunity, and help to prevent influenza virus.

Anti cold recipe recommended

1, Yinhua Douchi porridge: 9 grams of honeysuckle, 9 grams of light Douchi, decoct in water to remove residue, add 60 grams of Japonica rice, appropriate amount of sugar, cook porridge.

2, Yinhua Mint drink: Yinhua 30g, mint 10g, fresh reed root 60g. First, add 500 ml of water to honeysuckle and reed root, boil for 15 minutes, then add mint, boil for 3 minutes, filter out, add appropriate amount of sugar, take it warm, 3-4 times a day..

3, coriander scallion drink: coriander 15g, scallion white (with root) 3 sections, wash both, add water, boil for 5 minutes.

4, bean curd, Douchi and scallion soup: 250 grams of bean curd cut into pieces, 12 grams of light Douchi washed, both and 15 grams of scallion put together in a casserole, add water to boil, change to simmer for 5 minutes, while hot meal.

5, lentil flower Huoxiang drink: 20 grams of lentil flower, 12 grams of Agastache, 10 grams of Yinhua, appropriate amount of white sugar. Wash lentil flower, Agastache rugosa and Flos Lonicerae, decoct with proper amount of water and season with sugar.

6, agastache leaf porridge: fresh agastache leaf 20g, decoct Soup for use. First with 100 grams of Japonica rice porridge, add fried Agastache rugosa boiling, that is, into Agastache rugosa porridge, take 2 times a day.

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