The three kinds of deficiency can’t be randomly complemented

The three kinds of deficiency can’t be disorderly compensated

. The three kinds of deficiency can’t be disorderly compensated

. They are extremely weak. The tonic taken by

people must be transported to the whole body through the conveyor belt of Qi and blood in order to play its role. When the body is extremely weak, the circulation of Qi and blood also becomes slow. If you put a pile of sweet, slow and greasy tonics on a tired conveyor belt, it will lead to the accumulation of goods. Secondly, it will make the conveyor belt run more slowly, forming a vicious circle. How to solve this contradiction? First, we should reduce the dosage of drugs step by step; Second, for the time being, you don’t need to use too greasy drugs. You can take some sweet and light drugs, such as yam, Coix, Ophiopogon japonicus, lily, lotus seed, and so on.

body damp heat.

1, Shangjiao has damp heat, such as head fever, cough, phlegm, sticky mouth and other diseases. At this time, tonic will make the tonic can not smoothly drop, not only can not get nutrition below, but also can promote the damp heat above, a tonic on fire. In this case, we need to first open Shangjiao, xuanfeiqi, edible almonds and other xuanfeizhike drugs. 2. Zhongjiao has damp heat, such as epigastric pain, burning, dry mouth but don’t want to drink water, hunger but don’t want to eat, yellow urine, poor stool and so on. At this time, if given tonic drugs, will increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, transport and not open, abdominal fullness, nausea and other symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to first open the damp heat of Zhongjiao, which can be used to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness, such as dried ginger and poria cocos. 3. Xiajiao has damp heat, such as edema of lower limbs, short red urine, turbidity and other symptoms, tonic will also aggravate the symptoms, you can take Coix and other food to promote dampness.

was initially infected with exogenous pathogens.

the most common pathogen is cold and fever. After having external evil, the body’s healthy qi should fight against the evil Qi. The most urgent task is to adjust the healthy qi to the body surface to expel the evil Qi. If we only pay attention to invigorating the vital energy and do not issue operational orders at this time, it is likely to delay the fight and prolong the course of the disease. Therefore, after feeling the external evil, we usually use pungent medicine to disperse, that is, expel the external evil. If the body by the wind cold, you can drink some ginger brown sugar water to expel cold, and then tonic.

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