The traditional method of dealing with fishbone is harmful to the throat of big fishbone. Share

the correct method of dealing with the throat of big fishbone. In the traditional way, after the fishbone gets stuck in the throat, many people use the hard swallow method to deal with it. In fact, this treatment will damage the esophagus and stomach! Today, let’s talk about the harm of the traditional method of dealing with fishbone, and then introduce the correct method.

The first aid method of improper fishbone sticking to throat

drinking vinegar can not really soften fishbone, because vinegar can only stay in the stuck position for a short time, which not only has limited effect, but also may delay the treatment opportunity.

it is more dangerous to swallow fish bones by swallowing rice or steamed bread, because the hard swallowed fish bones may pierce blood vessels, and even cause bleeding, suppuration, infection, etc.

if entering the esophagus, it may cause esophageal perforation, sometimes massive bleeding or even death; Some infections will spread from the throat to the neck, causing neck fistula (neck perforation), the consequences are unimaginable.

When the fishbone gets stuck in the throat, peel the orange peel and swallow it slowly to dissolve the fishbone.

2. Soften with vitamin C. Small fishbone sticking throat, can take vitamin C1 tablets, take, swallow slowly, a few minutes later, fishbone will soften eliminate.

3. Drink duck saliva water. Take a live duck. Catch the duck’s feet and let it sing. Let it salivate out of the mouth. Fill it in a clean cup and bowl. Drink it slowly to moisten the throat. The small fish bones will soon dissolve.

4, drinking well water. If you drink vinegar, you can drink a bowl of well water the next morning to eliminate the fishbone.

5. Drinking olive water and taking it with olive water can eliminate fishbone

6. Ask someone to press the front of the tongue with a spoon or toothbrush handle, and then look at the root of the tongue, tonsil, and pharyngeal wall in the bright light to find fishbone as much as possible, and then clamp it out with tweezers or chopsticks.


1. For larger or deeper fishbone, no matter how you swallow it, the pain will not decrease. If there is no fishbone on both sides and around the throat entrance, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

2. When the fishbone is stuck in the throat, do not let the patient swallow large pieces of steamed bread, pancakes and other food. Although sometimes the fishbone can be removed by doing so, sometimes such improper treatment not only does not remove the fishbone, but also makes the fishbone deeper and more unsuitable for removal. In severe cases, infection and inflammation are more troublesome.

3. If the fishbone still doesn’t fall off, don’t do it yourself. Sometimes the fishbone has fallen off, but there is still a feeling of the fishbone left behind. So we have to wait for observation. If we still feel untimely, we must go to the hospital and ask a doctor for treatment. This is also the most appropriate way to deal with a fishbone stab.

4. It is not correct to say that the fishbone pierces the throat. Most of them are at the base of the tongue or at the entrance of the throat.

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