The usage of olive oil

olive oil is a very common one. Olive oil has many usages, and it is very helpful to human body. So when you choose it, you can choose it according to your own needs, which will not do any harm to your health. You should also pay attention to this. Olive oil has beauty products, It’s also home-made, and you should pay attention to it when you buy it.

what are the specific uses of olive oil? Many people are not clear about it. The following is a detailed introduction, so that they have a good understanding of this. When choosing, they can rest assured that it will not harm their own health. Usage of olive oil:

1, skin care

a. After washing the face, gently massage the face with “olive oil + salt” repeatedly to scrub and moisten the face. Then apply face steamer or hot towel to remove the dirt invisible to the naked eye in the pores and increase the luster and elasticity of the skin. Or put a quarter cup of olive oil into the microwave oven and heat it slightly. After the temperature is moderate, evenly apply it on the face, which can effectively regulate dry and sensitive skin.

b. Apply to the face, first wash the oil on the face with warm water, gently wipe off the water with a dry towel, then dip the cotton in olive oil, and apply it on the face repeatedly. After 10-15 minutes, apply it with a hot towel, and finally gently wipe it with a dry towel.

c. Milk 50ml, add 4-5 drops of olive oil, mix well with flour, apply to the face, keep for 20 minutes, wash with water, long-term use, can increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin.

d. Break up an egg, add half lemon juice and a little salt, stir well, then add olive oil into the egg juice, mix well. On weekdays, you can store this mask in the refrigerator, and do it once or two times a week, not only to prevent wrinkles, but also to promote the smoothness of the skin.

E. make a facial mask with a spoonful of sugar and olive oil. Three times a week, shrink the pores and whiten the skin.

2 hand beauty:

there are only a few sebaceous glands on the back of our hands, and

is often exposed in our daily life, so we need to replenish water and oil regularly, otherwise, the skin is easy to become dry. Whether in summer or winter, it is recommended that you keep a bottle of virgin olive oil with you. When you wash your hands or feel dry, moisten them in time to keep your hands delicate. Give special care to your hands once a week. Massage your hands with a small amount of frosting cream for 10-15 minutes to remove the dead skin, and then soak them in warm olive oil for 5 minutes.

3 manicure:

mash a quarter of the ripe avocado, mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil, then apply it on the nails, wait for 15 minutes, and wash with warm water.

4 lip protection

: when the weather suddenly turns cold, has a cold, or has a bad stomach, people often have peeling and dry lips. At this time, just apply a small amount of olive oil, and your lips will become glossy again in two or three days. Usage: apply a hot towel to your lips before going to bed at night, and then cover your lips with olive oil on a cotton pad, The next day it was pink again. Especially for people who wear lipstick every day, they need to maintain their lips in this way. Now many women use olive oil instead of lip gloss to make their lips shine naturally.

5 skin care

: in autumn and winter, the skin is relatively dry, especially the hand joints, foot joints and buttocks are easy to dry and wrinkle. Olive oil can moisturize and maintain the skin, and can restore the natural elasticity of the skin. It can be wiped three times a week in ordinary dry time, and daily in special dry days.

6 hair care:

general hair care is very simple, just in the comb before dripping three or four drops of olive oil can, and will not make the hair greasy. In addition, after shampooing, as with conditioner, first dry the hair, then evenly apply olive oil to the hair, and then wrap the hair with a hot towel for 10 minutes to make the hair glossy and smooth. Or add a few drops of olive oil to the conditioner to make the hair get deep care. When soaking in the bathtub, comb the conditioner into the hair smoothly, and then leave it alone. The steam from the bathtub will help the conditioner penetrate.

7 make up and remove:

usage: make up, drop 1-2 drops of olive oil in the basic cosmetics, rub and apply evenly on the face, the skin will become bright and vivid immediately; Remove make-up, drop two drops of olive oil on the cotton pad to remove make-up. It can remove stubborn make-up, including water-resistant cosmetics.

through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the usage of olive oil, so when we choose it, we can choose the above ways of use, which is very helpful to all aspects of our own, and it will not damage human health, so it is also very important to make it a safe way of use.

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