The usage taboo of washing powder is

Taboo on the use of washing powder

taboo on the use of washing powder

(1) do not mix washing powder with soap. Because washing powder is acidic, soap is alkaline, acid and Alkali Mixed will occur neutralization, but reduce their respective detergency.

(2) washing powder should not be prepared with boiling water. Synthetic washing powder, such as boiling water, will reduce foam and lose decontamination. Especially when the temperature of washing water is low, if the temperature of washing powder water is too high, the temperature difference is too large, the decontamination effect will be reduced. When using synthetic washing powder, the water temperature of washing powder should be 50 ℃. The water temperature of enzyme added washing powder should not exceed 40 ℃ to avoid destroying the activity of enzyme in washing powder.

(3) when using the washing powder, the clothes should be rinsed clean. If the clothes close to the body are not rinsed clean, the residual washing powder on the clothes will damage the skin.

people with allergic constitution may have allergic reaction if they use enzyme detergent or wear clothes washed with enzyme detergent.

(4) washing powder should not be stored for too long, especially enzyme added washing powder. The storage period is limited to half a year, so as not to reduce the enzyme activity and affect the decontamination effect.

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