The use of coffee machine

with the rapid development of modernization, people’s living habits are constantly improving, and people’s pursuit of life requirements will also be constantly improving, and people use more modern things, and the use of this kind of coffee machine is more common, And this kind of coffee machine is also a good choice for people, and the variety is also diverse.

and for the use of this coffee machine, maybe different people use different methods. Here are some information about the use of this coffee machine. At the same time, we can make good use of it.

to make coffee, you must first connect the power supply, and the coffee machine must be connected to the A / C socket. The applied voltage must be consistent with the specified voltage indicated on the machine package. It is strictly forbidden to use the defective power cord. Turn on the power switch of the coffee machine after inserting the power cord.

remove the lid of the bean box, and put the right amount of coffee beans into the bean box (the capacity of most automatic coffee machines will not exceed 400g), until 80% full.

remove the water tank on the machine, remove the water tank cover, and fill in about 3 / 4 of the capacity of clean water. The valve at the bottom of the water tank is used to discharge water. When putting the water tank back to the machine, press the water tank gently against the valve that can open automatically, and then cover the water tank.

4 after completing the above preparations, you can make coffee. Generally, there are several function buttons on the body of automatic coffee machine, such as “small cup”, “big cup”, hot water / steam, coffee powder, and so on. Some of them don’t use the powder button because they don’t have the device of powder lees, which only means they can use coffee beans. There are also coffee powder volume setting, coffee volume (concentration) setting, double cup and other buttons. The specific buttons vary from machine to machine. If you need a large cup of coffee, press the big button. If you want to drink a small cup, press the small button. Therefore, the automatic coffee machine is very simple to make coffee. It doesn’t need too much manual operation, as long as it meets the basic conditions of making coffee.

? The parts to be cleaned include water container, coffee powder container (if filter paper is used, it should be discarded). However, during cleaning, attention should be paid not to splash water into the electrical part of the pot seat, and the whole electric coffee pot should not be immersed in water, so as to avoid damaging the electrical parts and control mechanism.

through the above understanding and introduction, you must have a certain understanding of the use of this coffee machine. At the same time, I hope you can help from the above knowledge. At the same time, I hope you should pay attention to safety when using modern electrical appliances in your daily life, which is also good for our health.

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