The use of coffee you don’t know

coffee has become a worldwide beverage, and more and more people like to drink coffee. When you are tired, a cup of coffee can lift your spirits. The main ingredient of coffee is caffeine, which also contains some protein, sugar, fat and so on. Coffee is easy to be absorbed in the human body, but also has the role of promoting human metabolism. In addition, in daily life, coffee has 13 effects that you can’t expect.

1, can let you no longer have a headache

a clinical trial in Illinois found that can slow down the speed of blood flow in human blood vessels, can also reduce the intensity and frequency of headache. One group was only allowed coffee, while 58% reported being completely relaxed. While the other group drank both coffee and ibuprofen, 70% of the headache disappeared. However, drinking coffee to treat migraine, it is best to have a precursor that drink, because drink into 10-30 minutes before the effect.

2, can help repair furniture

every time you see your black wood furniture, you will see some small cracks, small scratches, small holes? Try this instant coffee. Use just enough water to make 2-3 tbsp of coffee thick and sticky. To match the red color of the wood, add some iodine.

put the blended dough on the small stuffing knife or the useless plastic knife to repair the cracks. Then use a very dry cloth to wipe the extra “batter” around and let the dough dry naturally.

3, can scrub your car

in order to make your car smell fresh and clean, put the fresh bar and coffee beans in a small container without cover, because in the container, the coffee beans will not pour out. These placed coffee beans can absorb all the heavy flavors in the car, such as the smell of fast food.

4, can let you mix things more quickly,

coffee or tea, normal coke into your fertilizer, can accelerate the growth of bacteria. So that the fertilizer decomposes faster in the soil.

5, can help you cook food

to turn a coffee can into a cooking tool, just need to chisel a few holes in the metal surface of the bottom of the can to make it become a “medium size” triangle with the top. Then flick the jar up and down, throw some pine sticks like firewood into the triangle, and light it. As long as the bottom of the metal gets hot, meat and vegetables can be added.

6, can enrich your plant

trace minerals. Not that the caffeine in coffee beans can be planted like Rhododendron, rose, evergreen trees, or that it can provide acid soil and increase oxygen for plants, let alone ammonia, phosphorus, and trace minerals. Make sure you dig a hole in the soil to put the coffee beans in to prevent them from getting moldy.

but don’t dig too deep. Dig about three-quarters of the depth of the root of the plant, and then repeat once a month, adding coffee bean fertilizer. When you add coffee bean fertilizer too often to the plants that like to calculate, the acidity of the soil will reach an incalculable level.

7, can remove the smell of pets

some pet owners found that in a room, with an iron long handle pot low temperature heating a cup of coffee beans, can remove the smell of pets in the room. When the smell is released, move the pot to the room with heavy smell and place it on the tripod.

when the coffee beans cool down, the smell of pets in this room should have been almost eliminated. Can clean your face

you can use coffee beans to clean your skin. Wipe the skin gently with wet coffee beans to remove dead skin, then rinse off with water.

9, can help you bake bread

still for no oven trouble? Now we can use a coffee can to bake bread quickly. But it is best to spray the jar and clean it with flour.

10, can make your hair more shiny

according to reports, when your hair is still clean and dry, with a little strong taste of coffee, can make your hair look more dazzling. Leave coffee on your hair for about 20 minutes, then dry. Repeat this for a week and you’ll get unexpected results.

11, can let you better control your hand line

, without a series of lights holiday will be how much of a disappointment! If you don’t straighten it, what a mess the light will be! Take an empty coffee can and its lid to solve this problem.

first use a knife to cut the plastic cover, and string a thread through one side of the cover. Then wind the electric light wire around the coffee can and fix the end of the wire on the can. Everything is in order. Before the cap is put on, fill the jar with other thread balls without confusion or omission.

12, can make the color of the meat more prominent

in the process of cooking lamb chops with stew pot, add a cup of black coffee, can make the lamb chops more colorful, taste more delicious. You can also use coffee when cooking beef, pork and other meats.

13. It can be used to dye Easter eggs

. Use boiling water to brew a cup of quarter content espresso, and you can dye the eggs into a brown color. Do you know the nutritional value of winter jujube?

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