The way to relieve the blush of drinking

in many cases, we have to drink, but you will find that many people blush just after a little wine. What’s the matter? How to alleviate the symptom that drinks blush? Let’s take a look.

How is drinking blush to return a responsibility?

in many cases, as long as we meet with wine, we will blush. Many people will say that wine is easy to blush, which is directly related to the amount of alcohol. In fact, it has no relationship. There are many reasons for drinking blush. How can we alleviate drinking blush?

eat more fruits

sometimes we will blush when drinking, so in this case, we can effectively relieve through fruits. We can eat a few pears or peel and slice pears, immerse them in cold boiled water for 10 minutes, eat pears and drink water, and also treat the symptoms of blushing. You can also eat oranges, which can also help relieve alcohol quickly.

eat some preserved eggs

when you blush and get drunk, don’t forget to eat some preserved eggs, take 1-2 preserved eggs and dip them in vinegar. It can not only effectively relieve alcohol, but also treat allergy.

drink some milk

people who often have social intercourse should pay attention to the problem of how to deal with drinking allergy, we should pay special attention to the protection of gastric mucosa. Alcohol is easy to damage the gastric mucosa, so after drinking should be appropriate amount of milk, in order to make the protein coagulation, protect the gastric mucosa, and alleviate the absorption of alcohol.

eat some green leafy vegetables

on how to drink and blush, green leafy vegetables are absolutely indispensable.

alcohol is the most harmful to liver. Therefore, in order to protect liver health, we should try to eat more green leafy vegetables before drinking. The antioxidants and vitamins contained in these foods can protect liver health. And during drinking should also eat more vegetables, which antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver.

What should drink to blush to notice?

drink hot wine as much as possible

, whether it is liquor or yellow wine, after heating: first, the palate is palatable; Second, it can volatilize some aldehydes with low boiling point to reduce harmful components. Drinking is hard to avoid. Moderate drinking is good for health, while excessive drinking is harmful to health.

don’t drink on an empty stomach

drink while eating. Alcohol stays in the stomach for a long time. Alcohol is interfered by gastric acid and absorbed slowly, so it is not easy to get drunk. If you drink a few cups or on an empty stomach, the alcohol concentration in your blood will rise very high in a moment, and you will enter a dangerous state of paralysis. Therefore, this kind of drinking should be avoided as far as possible.

before drinking, first eat some starch food, or soak a cup of high fiber oatmeal to drink, because according to research, to reduce the absorption of alcohol, water-soluble starch is more effective than fat, and even if you don’t have time to eat, you can drink instead of meal, the fiber in the meal will make your stomach feel full immediately, reduce the intake of alcohol.

don’t drink too much

drink slowly, pause from time to time, and don’t drink carbonated drinks, such as coke and soda, so as not to speed up the body’s absorption of alcohol.

the best sobering substance is not tea,

is not sprite and cola, but fruit juice, especially orange juice and apple juice can play a very good role in anti alcoholism, because they contain fructose, which can help alcohol burn better.

don’t drink a variety of wine

, because the different components and content of various wine, mixed with each other, will change, make people uncomfortable after drinking, even headache, easy to get drunk.

don’t use wine for banquet

some drug ingredients may conflict with some ingredients in food, or have chemical changes, which will make people nauseous, vomit and uncomfortable after drinking.

Baijiu and Baijiu should be noted that when

liquor is consumed, it should drink more boiling water to facilitate the excretion of alcohol as soon as possible. When drinking beer, go to the toilet frequently; You’d better add ice when you drink strong wine.

To drink healthily, we should follow six points for attention, such as not drinking wine with coffee. These tips for drinking will help your liver to be healthy.

1, alcohol does not drink with coffee

, alcohol is harmful, caffeine has the effect of excitement, refreshing and stomach, excessive can also cause poisoning. If alcohol and coffee are drunk together, it is like adding fuel to the fire. It can aggravate the damage to the brain, stimulate blood vessel expansion, accelerate blood circulation, and increase cardiovascular burden. The harm caused is many times more than that caused by simple drinking, and even more likely to endanger life.

2, after a cold do not drink

cold drinking will aggravate the disease. Cold patients, especially severe ones, are mostly accompanied with fever symptoms. At this time, they usually take antipyretic drugs, usually paracetamol. Once the Baijiu and spirits are consumed, the metabolites produced by both will cause serious damage to the liver until it is completely necrotic.

, patients with liver diseases should be prohibited from drinking.

people with acute hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver disease and diabetes should strictly prohibit alcohol, including beer. In the convalescent stage of hepatitis and chronic persistent hepatitis, when the liver function is basically normal, you can drink beer at your discretion, but generally not more than half a liter a day. It is not a good habit to drink tea after drinking. Because after drinking, 80% of the alcohol is gradually decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the liver and discharged out of the body, thus playing the role of anti alcohol. This decomposition generally takes 2 to 4 hours. If you drink tea immediately after drinking, acetaldehyde in wine will be quickly discharged from the body through the kidney, which will damage the kidney and reduce the renal function. At the same time, too much tea, too much water, will also increase the burden of the heart and kidney, for patients with hypertension, angina pectoris coronary heart disease is more unfavorable. Therefore, it’s better to eat some fruits like pears and watermelons after drinking.

5 and

alcohol all contain different degrees of alcohol. Taking drugs after drinking can increase toxic and side effects. Such as drinking LITELING, youjiangling and other drugs, there will be arrhythmia, high blood pressure reaction; Another example is taking sedatives, hypnotics, antiepileptics, antiallergics, antihypertensive drugs after drinking. On the one hand, it can increase the inhibitory effect on the brain, on the other hand, it can make the drug power increase sharply, exceeding the normal tolerance of the human body, causing danger.

6. Don’t watch TV after drinking alcohol

drinking makes eyes congested. If drinking too much, the harmful ingredients in the wine will cause serious damage to the eyes, which can make the optic nerve atrophy, and even lead to blindness. Watching TV can make eyesight decline, while drinking alcohol can damage the optic nerve. If the two are carried out at the same time, it is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire and causing great damage to eyesight. Therefore, we must not rush to watch TV after drinking, especially for the elderly.

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