The winter solstice tonic food should have these functions:

The winter solstice tonic food should have these functions.

winter climate is dry, people often have dry nose, dry tongue, dry skin and other symptoms, it is necessary to supplement vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Vitamin B2 mostly exists in liver, egg and milk of animals; Vitamin C mainly exists in fresh vegetables and fruits.

has heat preservation function.

that is, eat more energy supply, rich in fat, protein and carbohydrate foods, including meat, eggs, fish and bean products.

has the function of keeping cold.

medical research shows that people’s fear of cold is related to their lack of minerals. Therefore, attention should be paid to supplement minerals. Generally speaking, Chinese people use & lt; Five grains are for nourishment, five fruits for aid, five livestock for benefit and five vegetables for filling;. As long as there is no partial diet, the human body’s demand for minerals such as potassium, iron and sodium can be guaranteed.

people who are especially afraid of cold can add more vegetables with skin and side roots. Experts believe that such vegetables grow in the soil, and their roots and shells contain a lot of minerals and nutrients.

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