The wonderful use of orange peel can not be ignored

The magic of orange peel can’t be ignored; Tangerine peel;, The pharmacological value is not as good as real tangerine peel. However, although it can not be eaten directly, it has its own magical effect.


orange peel is rich in vitamin C and essential oil. It can moisturize the feet well, and is very suitable for women. It is also suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Orange peel feet have a certain effect of anti-virus and sterilization. It’s also a good news for friends with beriberi!

fresh air

orange peel is fragrant and refreshing. If the dried orange peel is ignited indoors, it can replace the sanitary incense. It can not only clean the indoor air, but also expel mosquitoes. Also put it in the refrigerator, microwave oven, can also remove odor.

hair care

orange peel soak in salt water for 10 minutes before sun drying, then rinse with water, and dry in a cool place for 1 week. Before washing your hair, put orange peel into a cloth bag, soak it in hot water, and then wash it when the water is warm. It’s like using hair conditioner, and your hair will become smooth and soft.


use the same method to treat orange peel. Before taking a bath, put the dried orange peel into a cloth bag, and then put it into hot water to wash your face and take a bath, which has the effect of fragrance and moisturizing. You can bathe your pet in water with orange peel, and get rid of fleas and lice.

alleviates carsickness

relatives of carsickness can bring some fresh orange peel. When they are carsick, fold the orange peel in half and squeeze it against their nostrils. Small orange oil mist will enter the nasal cavity. This kind of water can alleviate carsickness.

whitening clothing

white clothing in the home will inevitably have the problem of yellowing after a long time. Put the clothes into the boiled orange peel water and let it stand for 10 minutes, then rub it. The yellow clothes will reappear white luster.

can be used as fertilizer

people who like to grow flowers can soak orange peel in water for retting and add it to pot soil for fertilizer. There is no bad smell and the fertilizer effect is very long.

mould proof and mothproof

in addition, the boiled orange peel water can be used to spray furniture and rattan products, or to scrub tables and desks, which can also play the role of mould proof, mothproof and sterilization.

clean pots and utensils

with fresh orange peel (not dried) dipped in salt or detergent, wipe the grease on ceramic utensils and stainless steel pots and utensils, the decontamination effect is particularly good.

helps sleep

the fragrance of orange peel can regulate qi, such as tearing the orange peel into strips and putting it on the head of the bed with a small plate, which has the effect of calming nerves and calming Qi and can promote sleep.

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