The wonderful use of tea

tea is very common in life. Many people like to taste and drink tea, so it is easier to buy tea. There are many kinds of tea. For example, Longjing tea, chrysanthemum tea and rose tea are very common teas. These teas are also different in helping the human body. Chrysanthemum tea is very helpful for the beauty and detoxification of the human body. Long term selection of such tea also has diuretic effect. What are the magical effects of tea?

tea is not only drinkable, but also has many wonderful uses. This is also because there are some good methods in the use of tea, which can help people’s life and make people feel at ease when choosing tea.

the wonderful use of tea:

sterilization and beriberi. Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, has a strong tea flavor, especially for beriberi caused by filamentous bacteria. Therefore, people suffering from beriberi will wash their feet by boiling tea into thick juice every night. After a long time, they will be cured. However, tea washing feet, to persevere, a short period of time will not have a significant effect. And the best use of green tea, fermented black tea, tannic acid content is much less.

eliminate bad breath: tea has a strong astringent effect, often tea in the mouth, you can eliminate bad breath. Gargling with strong tea has the same effect. If you are not good at drinking tea, you can soak the tea and then put it in your mouth, which can reduce the bitter taste and have a certain effect.

hair care: tea can remove dirt and greasy, so after washing the hair, then wash it with tea, it can make the hair black, soft and glossy. And tea does not contain chemicals, will not hurt the hair and skin.

washing silk clothes: silk clothes, most afraid of chemical cleaners. If the soaked tea is used to wash silk clothes with boiling water, the original color and luster of the clothes can be kept as bright as new. Washing nylon clothes has the same effect.

relieve cold symptoms: throat inflammation, hoarseness, may be a cold, but before medical treatment, use rock sugar to make strong tea to drink a few large cups, immediately feel fresh mouth, reduce pain. It used to be treated as a folk prescription in the countryside.

boiled tea egg: boiled tea egg is a delicious food, some use soaked tea to cook, some use tea powder. But the best is black tea. Because the price of ordinary black tea is cheap, the boiled tea eggs are ruddy in color and fragrant in taste. The main point of cooking tea egg is to boil the egg, break the eggshell gently, then put the tea into the water, and then continue to cook, so as to make the tea taste better.

through the above introduction, we also have some understanding of the wonderful use of tea. Tea really has a lot of help to the human body. However, we should pay attention to the proper use of tea, especially in the treatment of diseases, we should not use too much, which is not conducive to the healthy development of human body.

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