The wonderful use of toothpaste

travel toothpaste is a must, because in addition to cleaning teeth, it also has some daily use, can relieve the inconvenience on the journey.

1. When the skin and flesh are damaged due to trauma, toothpaste can be applied to the wound for anti-inflammatory and hemostasis, and then bandaged. As a temporary first aid medicine, the effect of medicated toothpaste is remarkable.

2. When you are stung by a bee, you can apply toothpaste on the stung area to eliminate redness and swelling. Because bee venom is acidic, and toothpaste is weakly alkaline, neutralization of acid and alkali will detoxify.

3. When bitten by mosquitoes or insects, the itching is unbearable. Just apply toothpaste on the bite to stop itching.

4. In case of headache and dizziness during the journey, apply toothpaste on the temple, because there are menthol and clove oil in the toothpaste, which can relieve pain.

5. During the journey, if your hands and feet are frozen, they will be red, swollen, itchy and painful. As long as the frozen part is not broken, you can rub it with a cloth stained with toothpaste. Because there are ginger oil and peppermint oil in toothpaste, which can help promote blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis.

6. Because toothpastes contain abrasive materials, such as between the valve and the valve seat of an automobile and between the valve seat of a diesel vehicle; Three precision parts & quot; Toothpaste is an excellent grinding material when grinding is needed. If there is a slight scratch on the car’s instrument lamp mirror, wipe it with toothpaste, and the effect is excellent.

7, toothpaste repair magic use

the car owners will find that the vehicle model logo will lose its luster after being eroded by rain and deposited with dust for a long time. If you apply toothpaste on the vehicle model logo, you can reappear the plated metal luster by wiping it with a cloth after a short time. This method is also applicable to the scratch of window glass.

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