day, the girls who love beauty usually like to apply nail polish. When they are removed, they use the nail polish remover. Can the nail polish wash have other uses besides washing nail? In fact, the nail washing water can be used to clean greasy dining table, ceramic tile, range hood, etc. after application, it can be wiped twice with a clean rag.

2, dip nail washing water with cotton swab, wipe lamp switch or socket, the effect is very good.

3. It’s hard to remove the mark left by the self-adhesive label of goods. You can wet and dry the cotton cloth, dip it in a small amount of nail washing water, and wipe it back and forth quickly.

4, Pu shoes have scratches on the surface, which can’t be removed by other methods. In fact, as long as you brush them with a little better nail washing water, the shoes will immediately return to the previous brightness.

5, gum stick to clothes, can also be removed with nail wash water, convenient and fast.

6. When glue such as 502 sticks to the hand, it can also be washed with nail washing water.

7. When the marking strokes are on the table, nail wash water can also be easily wiped off.

There are many kinds of nail washing water on the market, and the price difference is also outrageous. A few yuan is cheap, and dozens or even hundreds of yuan is expensive. No matter what price of nail washing water, with more will make the nail tarnish, surface potholes. In order to cover up their unattractive nails, many people only need to apply nail polish again to make their nails repeatedly hurt. It goes round and round, falling into a vicious circle.

many people can smell it. When you open the cap of the nail wash bottle, it tastes very strong. That’s because it contains highly volatile formaldehyde and phthalate esters.

so, how to use nail washing water to be safe? First of all, be sure to choose regular manufacturers, mild, non irritating nail wash water, pay attention to see whether the ingredients on the description contains acetone. Secondly, the amount of nail washing water must be less. When cleaning nail polish, just wash the nail polish onto the surface of the cotton pad. Third, nail washing water can not be used to wipe nails, especially those products with significant nail washing effect, otherwise the nail surface will become dull and lusterless. The right thing to do is to press the cosmetic cotton dipped in the nail polish on the nail for 5 seconds, and the nail polish will naturally fall off. If it has not been cleared, you can do it again.

Identification of nail washing water

& quot; On hearing & quot;: Open the nail washing water, keep the nose about 3cm away from the bottle mouth, and smell it. Good quality nail washing water should have a light aroma, which is the fragrance of the product. If there is no marked with fragrance, it should be basically tasteless. If a pungent chemical smell comes out as soon as you open the bottle cap and wait for you to smell it, you can’t buy this nail washing water.

" Second look & quot It depends on the color. The quality of nail washing water should be colorless, and there will be no floating objects at the bottom of the bottle or in the middle of the water. If you shake the nail wash water in the bottle and the nail wash water becomes turbid immediately, you can’t buy such nail wash water.

" Three tests Test the effect. If you can, you can try the nail washing effect of nail washing water with the trial equipment provided by some stores. Dip a cotton ball with a small amount of nail washing water, press it on the part to be washed, and press it down. The effect of washing off the quality of the nail polish should be thoroughly washed off the nail polish on the nail, and the nail polish should not be dry and fuzzed. If the quality of nail washing water is not up to standard, that is the reverse.

Precautions for using nail washing water:

first of all, be sure to choose regular manufacturer’s products, mild and non irritating nail washing water, preferably without acetone. Secondly, the amount of nail washing water must be less. Especially when the nail washing water contains acetone, it will make the cuticle on the nail surface rough and fragile due to drying.

third, nail wash water should not be used to wipe nails. Especially for those products with obvious nail washing effect, if you use it to wipe the nail surface fiercely, it will make the nail surface dull and lusterless. The right thing to do is to press the cotton pad washed with nail polish on the nail for 5 seconds, and nail polish naturally falls off. If it has not been cleared, you can do it again.

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