There are 10 kinds of foods that can whiten teeth and 5 kinds of foods that are not good for teeth.

teeth are one of our important organs. Now many people have some problems with their teeth. You know, peanuts can whiten teeth, In fact, the process of eating peanuts is a process of cleaning teeth, so we should eat more peanuts for tooth whitening.

2, orange peel powder brush teeth

dry the orange peel, grind it into powder, mix it with toothpaste and brush teeth, the teeth will be white soon. But also has the very strong antisepsis sterilization function, long-term persisted can effectively fix the tooth.

3, sodium bicarbonate with salt

when brushing your teeth every day, add some salt and water to the right amount of sodium bicarbonate, mix well, don’t be too thin, so that it can be applied on your teeth, and then use a clean cloth or toothbrush to brush your teeth gently!

4 Vinegar whitening teeth

put vinegar or white vinegar in your mouth for 1 to 3 minutes, then spit it out and brush your teeth. Although this effect is very good, but the teeth will feel very sour, numb, so about 2 months to do once, otherwise it is very bad for the teeth. If you have halitosis, lemon juice cleaning

, after brushing your teeth every night, dip some lemon juice with gauze and rub your teeth, your teeth will become white and bright. Lemon has strong cleaning power and whitening effect, and contains vitamin C, which can strengthen the root of teeth. It’s a good way to whiten your teeth.

8, after eating cheese

cheese has the effect of preventing tooth corrosion, like cheese after eating a little cheese, not only can enhance the health of teeth and teeth whitening, can kill two birds with one stone.

9, green tea tooth decay prevention

green tea antioxidant capacity is quite strong, which contains a lot of fluorine (other teas also have), can be combined with apatite in teeth, with the effect of acid resistance and tooth decay prevention. Depending on personal preference, drink 2-5 cups of green tea a day. It is recommended to drink it after eating a meal or dessert. In addition, green tea contains caffeine, so pregnant women should limit their consumption. When you are munching on celery, it is cleaning your teeth to reduce the chance of tooth decay. Because & lt; These coarse fiber foods are like brooms, which can remove part of the food residue from the teeth;.

on the other hand, the harder you chew, the more you can stimulate the secretion of saliva, balance the pH value in your mouth, and achieve natural antibacterial effect. When you are greedy, don’t think about snacks. Cut celery, cucumbers and carrots into strips. Chew them when you are greedy. Massage your gums to replenish the amount of vegetables for the day.


1, grapefruit

many people regard grapefruit as a nutritious and healthy breakfast, but its acidity is high, when it is decomposed by oral enzymes, it will greatly damage the enamel. 2. Soda biscuit

soda biscuit is a highly processed and fermented product, which is more harmful than sugar. Biscuits are easy to stick to the teeth when chewed, so that they stay on the teeth for a long time, and the bacterial decomposition time will be longer, and the teeth will be more severely corroded.

3、 Dried fruit

when the fruit is dehydrated or dried, the sugar will be concentrated and acidic, so the dried fruit will stick to the teeth like candy, and the risk of acid corrosion is increased.

4. Coffee

tannins in coffee can stain teeth, and the longer the coffee stays in the mouth, the greater the damage to teeth. 5. Soda drink

soda drink is more harmful to teeth than soda water because it claims to be sugar free. Therefore, phosphoric acid will be added when the sour taste is insufficient. The harm of phosphoric acid to teeth can not be underestimated.

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