There are 10 kinds of necessary items for traveling:

Ten necessities for traveling

traveling abroad, whether it’s poor or luxurious, packing is a science. Sometimes I take a lot of luggage, and finally I find that I don’t take what I really need. In addition to safety, you should be comfortable when you go out. Now let’s introduce the things you need to take when you travel for your reference.

1. Important documents

passport, visa, ID card and driving license are the most important when you go out. It is better to attach several copies in case of losing the original; Second, cash and credit cards. It’s better to change some small bills for tips in the United States. Then there are air tickets, train tickets, hotels and other kinds of transportation and accommodation certificates and receipts that have been reserved.

2. Backpack, suitcase

backpack must be comfortable and suitable for your body. It’s better to have more bags for the backpack to facilitate the classification of items. Modern people have to take a laptop when they go out, and women have to carry skin care, cosmetics and so on, so a larger, multi pocket bag is more suitable for women. The

o. M. g bag is made of waterproof nylon material and has 15 pockets inside, including a laptop pocket and a hidden shoe pocket outside. There is an adjustable strap on the back of the bag, which is convenient for passengers to fix the bag on the handle of the trunk.

luggage is of course the first choice for its strong material and light weight. You can try the new beautiful Samsonite hard case. It weighs less than six pounds, and its multi-directional wheels make it easier to pull luggage.

3. Wearing clothes

in addition to the necessary change of clothes, it is best to bring a pair of spare shoes, in case of need from time to time. In addition, take a light raincoat, whether it’s raining or snowing, you can reserve it. Wearing inappropriate clothes on a long journey can make a long journey painful. Friends in Norway have created a one-piece suit, which is officially designated as the most comfortable coat for travel. It’s comfortable and not afraid to wear it; Go & quot; It’s too late.

4. Toiletries

it’s better to bring your own towel, dental appliances, cosmetics, sunscreen, comb and other toiletries. Put these small items in a multi bag bag, which can be classified, sanitary and convenient. The jack Georges traveler’s wash pack is practical, with two zippered compartments, nylon lining and open pockets.

5. Cervical pillow, earphone

if you have a cervical pillow when you fly, take a train or take a long-distance bus, it will make the journey more comfortable. Try comfy Communer cervical pillow. It’s not only comfortable, but also has a side pocket for iPods, earplugs and other small items. It even comes with a carrying bag.

in a long flight, it would be better to listen to light music to sleep《 The World Wide Web recommends a Skullcandy crusher headset with perfect and crisp sound quality. The side of the headset is equipped with a slider to control the bass, which can adjust the sound quality to the best.

6. Medical bag / first aid kit

when you go out, sometimes you will encounter unexpected things. You’d better take some basic external and internal medicine, such as analgesics, carsickness medicine, antidiarrheal, cold medicine, band aid, disinfectant, sunscreen, etc. It is necessary to contact

travel and medical insurance policy and its hotline, preferably with a copy. In addition, the address and telephone number of the local embassy of your country.

8. Mobile phone / mobile charger

before you go abroad, you should ask the mobile phone company whether you can connect to the Internet at your destination. If not, buy a local short-term mobile phone card at your destination. Remember to inform your family or friends when you change your mobile phone card. It’s the last magic weapon when you are in trouble to keep an effective channel for yourself to contact with the outside world.

to keep this communication channel open, mobile phone battery is a problem. Mophie mobile power supply can be purchased. It is small and convenient to carry, and can quickly charge the mobile phone. Its mobile power supply contains more than 60% of the mobile phone battery. It is also equipped with a portable key ring to ensure charging anytime and anywhere.

9. The standard of plug and socket in every country is different. It’s very annoying to find that you can’t use the electrical appliances you need. It’s better to have a multi-functional conversion plug.

10. Chocolate

take a few chocolates with you. Tourist areas are often unpredictable. Once you fall into a cold and humid place, chocolate can help provide some heat. In addition, for those with hypoglycemia, eating some chocolate can increase the sugar content and make them reach the destination safely.

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