There are 13 ways to eat yuanxiao. The meaning of Yuanxiao is

. The meaning of Yuanxiao is

, which means reunion. Some people like to eat it themselves, while some people eat it for custom reasons.

. So how do you do Yuanxiao?

1. The choice of fillings is particular.

fillings include sesame, peanut and various nuts, as well as bean paste. Nuts have high nutritional value, and bean paste also contains a lot of protein and minerals. In contrast,

had the lowest nutritional value of

. Therefore, people can choose Yuanxiao according to the stuffing. It is not suitable to eat yuanxiao for breakfast

Yuanxiao is a kind of food with high calorie and high sugar content. It also contains fat, but it lacks nutrients. Besides calories and sugar, it does not have many other nutrients.

such food is not suitable for breakfast

, in addition to the lack of nutrition, but also because people get up early when the gastrointestinal function is the weakest, and the part of the Lantern Festival skin is mostly glutinous rice, high viscosity, not easy to digest.

therefore, eating Yuanxiao for breakfast is very easy to have indigestion, such as

, pantothenia, heartburn, etc., which affects the work and life of the day. In addition to breakfast is not suitable for eating yuanxiao, it is best not to eat yuanxiao as dinner, nine or ten o’clock in the morning after breakfast or afternoon meal when eating Yuanxiao is OK, but one or two is enough each time. At the same time of eating yuanxiao, we should not eat other foods with high sugar content; But also to reduce the intake of other staple foods,

, generally speaking, to eat three Yuanxiao is to subtract half of the staple food

. If you are close to sleeping time, you’d better not eat yuanxiao. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, this kind of food is not easy to digest and empty slowly, which will also increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract. After eating the Lantern Festival, it’s best to move for more than two hours before going to bed.

4. When you eat yuanxiao, you should pay attention to the food collocation. When you eat yuanxiao, you should reduce the amount of fried vegetables. Choose more cooking methods such as cold mix, stew, stir fry and steaming. Try to control the total amount of fat in a day. Reduce the intake of oil

the stuffing of Tangyuan and Yuanxiao contains not only sugar, but also quite a lot of solid oil. Eating three dumplings is equivalent to eating a dish of cooking oil. Therefore, if you eat Tangyuan, you must eat less oil when you have a meal or on the same day. Otherwise, too much fat and calories are inevitable. Once the color of Yuanxiao has changed, you can’t eat

. Because there is a lot of water in glutinous rice, it’s easy to go bad if you don’t eat it for a long time after you buy yuanxiao. In addition, glutinous rice flour contains a lot of yeasts, pink red yeast colonies. After it pollutes glutinous rice flour, it will multiply in large quantities when it meets the appropriate humidity and temperature. The color of the Lantern Festival is changed, the nutritional value is greatly reduced, and the original flavor and taste are lost. The skin of the Lantern Festival is hard, sticky and slightly sour. It is easy to cause food poisoning and should not be eaten again. It is suggested that the Lantern Festival should be bought as soon as it is eaten and not stored too long. It’s not easy to fry yuanxiao.

fried Yuanxiao is crispy and suitable for children’s appetite. Some mothers like to fry Yuanxiao for their children. However, experts pointed out that frying will make the proportion of oil in Lantern Festival which is not low is higher, so it is not recommended to eat

like this. Fried Yuanxiao is hard and can also damage the stomach and esophageal mucosa.

8. It’s best to eat the Lantern Festival while it’s hot. It’s made of

dry powder. The filling is small and the powder is more. It’s very solid and hard to cook.


is wrapped with wet flour after hot kneading of glutinous rice, usually with large filling and soft and delicate cooking. In terms of starch digestion, Yuanxiao is more difficult than tangyuan; But for those who have trouble digesting fat, tangyuan is more troublesome. So, if you eat Tangyuan, you’d better eat it hot. Cold makes it harder to digest. Indigestion and gastric ulcer can eat less, soft dumplings, to eat slowly, to avoid burns, but also to avoid too much fat difficult to digest. When eating yuanxiao, you should chew it carefully to avoid stomach discomfort.

9. Eat yuanxiao small mouth to prevent scalding

eat yuanxiao also pay attention not to be too hot, also can’t eat big mouthful,

, otherwise it is likely to scald oral and esophageal mucosa.

when eating yuanxiao, it can be divided into small pieces. Chewing carefully is good for digestion. Because the hot Lantern Festival is soft and smooth, it has a good taste, so many people like to eat the hot Lantern Festival just out of the pot, which is easier to burn. Because the stuffing is hotter than the skin, once you bite the whole entrance of the Lantern Festival, the stuffing may scald the oral mucosa and even the esophagus. Some people swallow the Lantern Festival as soon as they are scalded. This habit is more harmful.

10. Don’t forget to drink soup when eating yuanxiao.

after boiling, many nutrients in yuanxiao, such as trace elements and nutrients, are dissolved in the soup. So you can’t forget to drink soup when you eat yuanxiao. Soup can promote digestion and absorption,

, which is commonly known as “the original soup into the original food”.

11. When matching, reduce the number of staple food

in short,

Tangyuan and Yuanxiao

is a kind of food mainly composed of glutinous rice and sugar. In addition to pure white glutinous rice flour containing a lot of starch, the filling also contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, from the perspective of classification, it should be regarded as a staple food

. The so-called staple food,

, is rich in carbohydrates, especially starches. This kind of food is made of glutinous rice, and it is very fine glutinous rice powder, with very little fiber. It belongs to refined white staple food, not coarse grain. If you eat Tangyuan and yuanxiao, you must reduce the number of staple food accordingly. Generally speaking, the glutinous rice flour used for three Yuanxiao is equivalent to the rice used for one liang of rice.

12. After the frozen Lantern Festival is warmed up, eat

5. Many people who pursue fresh taste like to eat “frozen Lantern Festival”.

“Ice Lantern Festival” is warm outside and cool inside, soft outside and hard inside, with good natural taste. But experts remind that too cold food is always easy to stimulate the stomach, intake too much, it will affect the normal work of the digestive system. Therefore, it is better to eat hot food in late winter and early spring. If you haven’t finished eating at one time, put it in the refrigerator in time, and don’t store it too long. When eating “Ice Lantern Festival”, don’t eat it immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator. You can put it in a warmer room for a few minutes, and it’s healthier to eat it after a little “warming up”. Eating Yuanxiao should be moderate, and patients with chronic diseases should eat less. The variety of Yuanxiao is more and more delicious. Although it is delicious, it must be moderate and try to eat less. Patients with chronic diseases, the elderly and children should not eat more.

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