There are advantages in eating raw vegetables and cooked vegetables

Cooked vegetables are good for carotene absorption. Dark green and yellow vegetables are rich in carotene, and cooked food is better. For many vegetables rich in carotene, frying in oil or cooking in broth can significantly improve the absorption rate of carotene.

cooked vegetables taste good

cooking can greatly reduce the volume of vegetables, so that people can easily eat about 300 grams of vegetables in a meal. If you eat raw, because the volume of vegetables is too large and the taste is poor, the daily intake is difficult to reach the standard, thus limiting the supply of nutrients. It should be noted that although vitamin C is easy to be destroyed in cooked vegetables, vegetables also have relatively stable other nutrients (such as calcium, iron, etc.) and a large amount of dietary fiber, which will not be lost due to heating. The loss rate of carotene and vitamin B2 in general cooking is also low. After cooking, these important nutrients still play a role in human health.

cooked vegetables to avoid pollution

vegetables in the process of planting, due to soil and water, environmental pollution, varying degrees of pesticide, chemical fertilizer damage, toxin is inevitable. And vegetables after heating and cooking, the advantage in health is self-evident, which is good for health.

raw food has the benefits of raw food

raw food retains the vitamins and trace elements in vegetables to the greatest extent. Lignin, carotene and volatile oil in vegetables can stimulate the resistance and improve the phagocytosis of immune cells.

raw vegetables can fight cancer

many vegetables contain interferon inducer, which can stimulate normal human cells to produce interferon, and then produce an antiviral protein, and this function can only be achieved under the premise of raw food. Antiviral protein can not only inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but also effectively regulate the body’s immunity and activate macrophages, thus playing the role of anti-cancer and anti-cancer. For example, radish contains interferon inducer, the specific raw method is to eat 15 grams a day, to chew slowly, once a day, long-term adherence.

raw vegetables provide a good opportunity for teeth chewing.

raw vegetables are helpful for oral and dental health care. Full chewing can stimulate saliva secretion, help food digestion, and increase the self-cleaning effect of oral cavity, which is very important for oral health care of the elderly.

raw vegetables have therapeutic or adjuvant effects on a variety of diseases; Raw food therapy & quot; It is good for insomnia, mental depression, memory loss, hypertension, fundus hemorrhage, etc. Eat fresh tomato 1 & mdash on an empty stomach every morning; Two of them had adjuvant effect; Throat swelling and pain, can chew green olive or green radish, etc.

in addition, radish, lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables with low carotene content but high vitamin C content can be preferred. How to eat raw? Experts suggest as follows:

1, insist on drinking fresh vegetable juice made by ourselves every day.

2. Mix fresh vegetables with vinegar and less salt.

3, radish, cabbage, beet, cauliflower, etc. can be crushed and fermented to produce active enzyme before eating. Japanese nutritionists believe that cooked food often increases the burden of gastrointestinal tract and accelerates the aging process of the body. Raw food can fully absorb nutrients in vegetables, enhance the function of digestive system, promote arteriovenous anastomosis, improve blood circulation and delay aging.

long term cooked food, the number of white blood cells in the body’s immune system increased sharply, in a tense state of preparation, over time will make the body’s immune system strain capacity significantly reduced. Raw food, due to the very low content of bioactive substances in vegetables, can not only make white blood cells in a normal state, but also help to restore the function of immune system damaged by cooked food.

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