There are disadvantages in not removing the greasy “black ash” from the bottom of the pot. Teacher Fu Jiao 1: remove

cooking at home is a must for every household. Now the food outside is more and more expensive and not necessarily clean. It’s better to buy vegetables and eat at ease. Now even young people are more and more starting to cook by themselves, but experienced people will notice a problem: after a long time of frequent use, there is always a layer of black ash under our frying pan, which is greasy, thick and sticky, and the whole bottom of the pan seems to be pasted; The surface of the moon; The same look on the uncomfortable, want to use the wire ball brush and not under the hand. Next, let’s see how to remove it.

In fact, the oil scale is & lt; Disadvantages & quot; Not only is it not good-looking, it is constantly burned by the fire when cooking, but also releases a lot of smoke and silica and other substances, which is especially harmful to the respiratory system of people who are cooking, no less harmful than oil smoke. And sometimes the bottom of the pot accidentally rub to other places is a black layer of putty, very unsanitary. So clean up this layer; Black Grey & quot; It’s necessary to do it on a regular basis. We learned a trick from the pan making teacher Fu that we can remove the bottom of the pot with only common things at home for no more than a cent; Black and grey;.

1 First of all, we simply flush the bottom of the pot, then control the water a little, and be careful not to splash the water on the body. Then we spread a thin layer of flour on the bottom of the pot and sprinkle a little salt on it. Flour and ash contact can play a certain role in adsorption, water can become sticky, mixed salt can also increase friction, after a while cleaning will be more convenient.

2 Then we evenly pour a layer of white vinegar on the bottom of the pot to make it cover the whole pot. Fu, the teacher, told us that white vinegar has certain acidity, which can interact with boiler ash and soften it to a certain extent; Black Grey & quot; It’s a good effect. Next, set the bottom of the pot aside.

3 Wipe

and let it stand for about ten minutes. Then we squeeze some toothpaste at the bottom of the pot. There are many small particles and whitening ingredients in toothpaste, which can increase friction when wiping and make the bottom of the pot brighter. Now just wipe the bottom of the pot with a cleaning cloth. As you wipe it little by little, you will see the bottom of the pot; Black Grey & quot; Slowly & lt; Shedding & quot; Go down, restore the original appearance. If the ash is heavy, it is recommended to brush gently with steel ball, not too hard, otherwise it may cause damage to the bottom coating.

After 1 cleaning, we can see greasy & lt; Black Grey & quot; It’s all gone. Teacher Fu told us that if we pay more attention to clean, we can use detergent to clean it again. The clean bottom of the pot not only makes people feel more comfortable, but also avoids the harm of the pot ash to the body when cooking. So clean up these regularly; Black Grey & quot; In fact, it is very necessary.

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