There are eight kinds of common meats that can’t be eaten

from the perspective of fat content, the commonly eaten meats can be divided into three levels: pigs, cattle and sheep, chickens and ducks, fish and shrimp. Different layers of meat have their own merits, and eating alternately is the best. Now follow to understand it!

Now there is such a saying: to eat pork, we should eat the lean meat of fat pigs instead of the lean meat of lean pigs. In fact, this practice is totally unnecessary. As long as the lean pigs are qualified and cultivated according to the regular feeding mode, they can be eaten as usual.

many people like to compare pork with beef and mutton. Do you want to know which is better?

in fact, they are almost the same. In terms of fat content, fish and shrimp have the least fat, followed by chicken and duck, and pork, beef and mutton have the most fat.

but from another point of view, pork, beef and mutton also have their own advantages, because red meat contains a certain amount of iron, if you always eat chicken, duck or fish and shrimp, it is easy to lead to lack of iron in the body. Therefore, different levels of meat have their own merits. We should not eat only one kind of meat.

Then why do people always think pork is not as good as beef and mutton? This is in terms of fat and cholesterol. For example, go to fitness, want to grow muscle and afraid to eat too much fat, so I suggest you eat more beef.

in fact, it is not appropriate to eat too much meat or not. The correct way is: master the quantity, eat all kinds of meat alternately, and enjoy the eight kinds of common meat that can’t be eaten; Pointed Wing & quot; It’s not allowed to eat

chicken, duck, goose and other parts of the long tail feather on the buttocks; Supraluminal bursa;, Because macrophages in the lymph glands can swallow bacteria and viruses, even carcinogens can be swallowed, but they can’t be decomposed; Pointed Wing & quot; He’s a dirty man; Warehouse;.

2. Fish; Black & quot; You can not eat

fish body on both sides of the abdomen has a black film coat, is the most stench, the most concentrated part of the earth flavor, contains a large number of lipids, lysozyme and other substances.

three, chicken head can’t eat

our country has a folk saying: ten years chicken head is better than arsenic. Why is the older the chicken, the more toxic its head is? According to the analysis of medical experts, the reason is that chickens will eat harmful heavy metals in pecking.

4, pig neck lumps can not eat

when eating should be easy to remove the pig neck and other gray, yellow or dark red meat lumps, that is called meat jujube things, because these places contain a lot of bacteria and viruses, if you eat, it is easy to infect the disease.

5、 Rabbit & lt; Odor gland & quot; We can’t eat

, which is located in the subcutaneous glands on both sides of the back of the external genitalia, the brown mouse glands next to the mouse glands and the rectal glands on both sides of the rectum. It tastes very fishy. If we don’t remove it, it will make it difficult for the rabbit meat to swallow.

; Suspended reinforcement & quot;

sheep & lt; Suspended reinforcement & quot( Also known as & lt; White beancurd & quot;), It is a kind of pathological tissue in sheep’s hoof.

7; Three glands & quot; The thyroid gland, adrenal gland and diseased lymph gland in pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals are three kinds of foods that can’t be eaten; Physiological harmful organs;. Eight, chicken neck can’t eat

chicken neck, duck neck don’t eat skin, also don’t eat trachea. It contains a lot of high cholesterol, so it’s best not to eat these parts.

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