There are four COVID-19 disinfectant prevention teams that have been able to fight the disease successfully for

years. The years are destined to be an extraordinary year. They are destined to be included in the annals of history. At the beginning of the year, we have experienced hitherto unknown tests. It has swept the whole land of China in dozens of days, and confirmed cases have been found in all provinces of the country. When people began to pay attention to this, the number of confirmed cases gradually broke through hundreds and thousands, and up to now there have been tens of thousands. Moreover, this number continues to rise every day, and it has super infectious ability, Under the electron microscope, the edge of coronavirus has processes similar to the corona, which looks like a crown, so it is called coronavirus. This type is formed by rod-shaped envelope particles of viral spinous processes (s), which are used to connect with host receptors and infect host cells. Coronavirus is a kind of enveloped virus. Its genetic material is positive strand RNA genome and has spiral symmetric coat protein. The genome size of coronavirus is between 26 and 32 kilobase pairs, which is very large for RNA virus.

coronaviruses are common in nature. Different coronaviruses can infect a variety of mammals and birds. There are seven known coronaviruses that can infect human beings. Among them, three cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS) and 2019 New Coronavirus (Wuhan pneumonia) can cause fatal respiratory diseases. Hcov-229e, HCoV-NL63, hcov-hku1 and hcov-oc43 are the common pathogens of human cold. They usually do not cause serious diseases. A few patients with poor immunity may have pneumonia and other complications.

the data of the center for health protection show that about 10% of SARS patients may rapidly deteriorate to respiratory failure, requiring deep treatment. Mers virus can be infected through contact with animals (especially camels), environment or confirmed patients, with a mortality rate of 35%; The signs of pneumonia virus infection in Wuhan include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea. At present, 17 cases have died.

The center for health protection suggested that the following measures should be taken:

● maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, and disinfect frequently at home;

● always keep hands clean, use hand sanitizer with disinfection effect (such as Williams hand sanitizer or alcohol hand sanitizer) when washing hands, and the washing time should not be less than 20 seconds;

● cover your nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing;

● in case of respiratory tract infection, wear N95 mask and go to the hospital for examination in time;

● do not touch animals (including game), birds or their faeces; Don’t go to aquatic products market or live poultry market; Try not to be in public. Wear N95 mask when you need to go out.

● daily exercise, diet can eat more fruit, supplement vitamins, enhance immunity!

To prevent New Coronavirus, in addition to avoiding venison, the three foods can not touch

heavy oil, spicy and spicy food

. Now, during the Spring Festival, I believe that most families will buy a lot of food at home in the past few years. The most common food is all kinds of meat, and now most people like to put a lot of pepper when cooking, so almost the last three meals are heavy oil and spicy food. Although this can meet the taste needs of most people, it will have a great adverse effect on the body. First of all, pepper will stimulate many organs of the body, Greasy food will not only lead to increased cholesterol and blood lipids in the body, but also easily lead to obesity, which not only affects the appearance of individuals, but also can easily squeeze many organs in the body, reduce the activity of various organs, resulting in a decline in body immunity, and naturally more susceptible to infection by New Coronavirus.

cold food

often eat greasy food, it is easy to cause a lot of people’s appetite to slowly decline, so many people are interested in cold food, because it is not only convenient to make, but also very refreshing, but this kind of food is also easy to have hidden dangers, because cold food is usually not heated, Therefore, food itself is not hygienic and healthy, and it is easy to hide. A lot of bacteria are hidden easily. New Coronavirus is all pervasive. If eaten regularly, it will increase the probability of infection.

uncooked meat

in fact, in addition to game, our ancestors, after thousands of years of domestication, helped us cultivate a large number of edible meat, such as pork, beef, fish and so on. However, we need to be vigilant about these poultry industries. First of all, we need to wear masks when buying, Also, when you are making the product, you should make full heating. Don’t eat any uncooked meat, such as steak, raw fish, etc., because they may contain other parasites and viruses besides New Coronavirus. So it is recommended that all the carnivorous animals should be fully heated when eating meat.

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