There are four taboos to eat breakfast. Avoid the breakfast minefield to make your day full of energy.

the plan of the day is in the morning. A perfect breakfast makes your day full of energy. Let’s avoid breakfast; Minefields;, So you can be energetic all day.

Taking snacks as breakfast

undernutrition causes physical decline in the long run. Many students and white-collar workers have no time to have breakfast in the morning, so they go to the convenience store to buy a few packages of snacks to satisfy their hunger. Xu Jing said that although this way of eating saves time, it hurts the intestines and stomach. Most snacks are high in sugar, which can cause malnutrition or obesity. Eating while walking is not conducive to digestion and absorption. If time is really tight, you can choose nut snacks plus milk and soybean milk to supplement energy and increase nutritional intake.

leftovers for breakfast

nutrient loss is serious. Many old people are not willing to pour out the leftovers, so they heat them up for breakfast the next day. Xu Jing believes that this is not impossible, but we should pay attention to it; There is no meat left;, Meats and vegetables, such as meatballs, are better than vegetables because the nutrients of vegetables are seriously lost after repeated heating, while the protein and minerals of animal food are not easy to lose. If you want to use leftovers as breakfast, you should add an extra cup of milk or fresh vegetables to supplement nutrition.

Only eat & lt; Milk and eggs;

does not provide enough energy for the body. Xu Jing told reporters that milk and eggs are an important part of a nutritious breakfast, but they are not a complete breakfast. Milk and eggs can not provide the necessary carbohydrates for the human body, and they will feel hungry soon after eating, which indirectly affects people’s work and learning efficiency, especially for children. Eat milk, eggs at the same time, should match porridge, steamed bread and other staple food supplement energy, had better add a vegetable, let nutrition more balanced.

breakfast too greasy

high fat, high heat, not easy to digest. Many people realize the importance of breakfast, but eat a lot of high protein, high calorie, high-fat food, such as cheese, hamburger, fried chicken wings, fried food and so on. Over & lt; Nutrition & quot; Breakfast will only increase the burden on the stomach, harmful to the body. Eating fried dough sticks and drinking soybean milk are breakfast for many people; Standard & quot;. In the high-temperature frying process of fried dough sticks, nutrients are destroyed, and carcinogens are produced, which is not good for human health. Moreover, the oil of fried dough sticks in many stores is not guaranteed. If it is used for a long time, the remaining oil will do more harm to the body. Xu Jing suggested that soybean milk should be made without sugar. If you have oil for breakfast, avoid frying food for lunch and dinner.

Three principles for breakfast:

1. There must be rich varieties, balanced diet and comprehensive nutrition; 2. There must be carbohydrates to supplement enough energy;

three, must supplement vitamin, that is not to be ignored important nutrients, and breakfast intake absorption rate is the highest.

breakfast should not be the same every day, and there is no need to stick to the rules. In the morning, you can eat leftovers of the previous night, yogurt and fruit, fried rice and noodles.

Chinese breakfast, whether it’s porridge, pickled vegetables, or soybean milk fried dough sticks, is not ideal in nutrition. If you like to eat porridge, you can add millet or red bean red cooking, concentration can not be too thin. This increases the amount of protein, minerals and cellulose. In addition to appetizers, pickles with too much sodium salt are not good for you. You should add meat floss, eggs, preserved eggs, salted duck eggs, or peanuts, dried tofu, etc., which can also increase protein. If there is still a gap in the stomach, you can add fruit. If you like to eat soybean milk fried bread sticks, you can also add eggs, or with the leftovers of the previous day, fish, meat, vegetables can be. Finally, fruit is the most ideal ending.

as the saying goes, eat well for breakfast, have enough for lunch and eat less for dinner. Nutrition experts point out that eating a nutritious breakfast every day is very important for your health. In order to let the masses have a safe breakfast, the state puts forward the concept of healthy and nutritious breakfast; Rest assured breakfast project;, It has been popularized in more than 10 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Nanning.

Of course, the choice of breakfast can be rich and varied, as long as meet the three major & quot; Required & quot; In principle, you can also use your intelligence to make a simple and nutritious breakfast.

1. Milk + vegetable bag / meat bag + vegetable

yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, and its contribution to human body is even greater than that of milk. But yogurt can’t be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. It’s best to eat with steamed bun and steamed bread. If it is a vegetable bag, such as mushroom bag, nutrition is more complete; If you like to eat meat, you must add some vegetables and fruits, or use vegetable juice or fruit juice instead, preferably fresh pressed.

2. Beauty Babao porridge

female white-collar workers can make Babao porridge the night before yesterday, put in rice, red beans, peanuts, medlar, etc., and eat it hot the next morning, which is convenient and beautiful.

3. Hypoglycemic milk cereal

wash the cereal with boiling water before adding milk. This collocation is more suitable for people with high blood sugar or family history of diabetes.

spring is the season for children’s vigorous growth and development. Many children eat lunch at school, and the richness is difficult to guarantee, so the role of breakfast is particularly important. Experts call on all parents to be diligent, get up a quarter of an hour early and prepare a rich and nutritious breakfast for your child; Pull fast with the wind;.

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