There are good and bad cooking with pressure cooker

There are good and bad cooking with pressure cooker

there are good and bad cooking with pressure cooker 6667

many people like to stew meat and ribs with pressure cooker. What is the effect of high pressure cooking on meat nutrition? The study found that compared with other cooking methods, stewing meat in pressure cooker basically does not cause protein reduction, and can protect fat from oxidation. The Nutrition Research Laboratory of China Agricultural University found that pressure cooker cooking fish can protect fat better than normal pressure cooking, and the preservation rate of unsaturated fatty acids in meat is also higher. This is mainly due to the pressure cooker cooking to form a similar vacuum environment, reducing the contact between meat and oxygen, so as to better reduce the fat oxidation, and reduce the production of some harmful substances such as polymers when fat oxidation, which is of great significance to health.

people also use pressure cooker to cook coarse grains and beans, which has many advantages. First, pressure cooker cooking helps to protect vitamins. It was found that although the temperature of coarse grains and beans increased from 100 ℃ to 110 ℃, the cooking time shortened from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, which reduced the loss of high temperature. The balance of the two will not increase the loss of B vitamins.

secondly, pressure cooker cooking is conducive to the protection of antioxidant components. Pressure cooker cooking can prevent food from being exposed to too much oxygen, which is very beneficial to the preservation of valuable antioxidant components in coarse grains, such as polyphenols. Foreign studies have found that cooking can reduce the antioxidant capacity of beans. For example, green peas lose 44% of their oxygen free radical absorption capacity (i.e. the ability to resist oxidation) after 90 minutes of cooking at room temperature. However, using pressure cooker to cook beans can reduce the loss of antioxidant activity under the same degree of softness. For example, after boiling green peas under high pressure for 15 minutes, the oxygen free radical absorption capacity did not decrease, but increased to 224%.

finally, pressure cooker cooking is good for digestion. The Nutrition Research Office of China Agricultural University found that the digestion speed of Chinese yam, Euryale ferox, lotus seed, coix jobI and adzuki bean was obviously accelerated after 20 minutes of high pressure cooking. Therefore, for people with indigestion, the elderly, children and other people with weak intestines and stomach, cooking with pressure cooker can help digestion and reduce the burden of intestines and stomach. Therefore, whether porridge or soup, pressure cooker is a good choice for health.

however, pressure cooker is not omnipotent, it does cause the loss of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very delicate, and almost all cooking methods will cause its loss. However, vitamin C is generally only found in vegetables and fruits, and we hardly need to use pressure cooker to cook fruits and vegetables.

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