There are hidden dangers in eating raw vegetables, which vegetables have more pesticide residues?

There are hidden dangers in eating raw vegetables, which vegetables have more pesticide residues?

there are hidden dangers in eating vegetables raw

it is very popular to eat vegetables raw because people believe that it can avoid the loss of nutrients caused by cooking. But the problem is, without processing, the nutrition of vegetables is preserved, but the toxic and harmful substances are also intact.

for example, vegetables in the family Brassicaceae contain a small amount of goiter causing substances that interfere with the absorption and utilization of iodine by the thyroid gland. Cauliflower, like other vegetables in the family Brassicaceae, also contains a small amount of substances that cause goiter. There are cruciferous vegetables such as radish and soybean, which enter the human body and metabolize to produce a thyroid toxic substance & mdash& mdash; Thiocyanate can lead to insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone and compensatory increase of thyroid gland.

and these thyroid killers from vegetables are afraid of heating, after proper cooking can effectively avoid danger. Blanching vegetables, stir frying, or making vegetable soup or stuffing can not only preserve nutrition, but also reduce toxins.

which vegetables have more pesticide residues?

many people like to eat cowpea, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, amaranth, pepper and eggplant. The same pests also like to eat cowpea and eggplant. However, there are pesticide residues in these vegetables, which affect the food safety. Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, onion, chrysanthemum, green onion, coriander, lettuce, tomato and other vegetables are much safer because they do not need to be used to drive away pests. In addition, the nitrate pollution of roots, stems and leaves was much higher than that of flowers, fruits and seeds. Therefore, as much as possible to eat melons, fruits, beans and edible fungi, such as cucumber, tomato, soybeans, mushrooms and so on. Pay attention to supplement some vitamin C to block the formation of nitrite, so as to reduce the potential risk of leafy vegetables.

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