There are many advantages in eating fish, such as

There are many advantages in eating fish. The way to eat fish is

. The way to eat fish is

1. There are as many kinds of fish as possible.

eel, saury and other fatty fish are suitable for grilling, and you can squeeze some lemon juice on the fish when eating; The flavor of carp, silver carp, silver carp, grass carp and hairtail is better after being braised; Eel, black fish, crucian carp, COD and so on taste delicious, suitable for stewing; Mandarin fish, shad, perch and other high-end fish are delicate, suitable for steaming, keeping the original flavor; Tuna, red snapper, salmon and other marine fish can be eaten raw, but to ensure that fresh, safe.

2, the most suitable for eating warm crucian carp in winter.

it has the effect of mild and sweet taste, tonifying deficiency in the middle and warming the stomach. It is most suitable for direct stew of tofu, mushroom and pig’s feet. Half a Jin to one Jin is the best, and the meat is the tenderest. But cold fever period and love long mouth sores people had better eat less.

3, eat less or no fish head.

Nanjing Center for Disease Control and prevention detected that the older the fish, the more mercury accumulated in the fish brain and skin. For safety’s sake, it’s better to eat less fish head.

4. Choose imported fish carefully.

nearly 90% of the imported catfish from the United States come from Vietnam, which often uses antibiotics. Experts from the food and water concern promotion organization of the United States suggest that it is best to eat cultured catfish; Pacific cod is the best choice for imported cod; American eel is seriously polluted. If it is only for taste, it is suggested to choose Atlantic or Pacific squid; Flounder in the Atlantic Ocean also faces serious pollution problems. In comparison, Pacific flounder or tilapia are safer.

5, caviar not suitable for & lt; Three high & quot; crowd.

lecithin rich fish roe has high cholesterol; Three high & quot; The crowd had better eat less. In addition, it should be noted that since there is a membrane outside the roe, it is often & lt; Go through the intestines;, Nutrients are not easily digested.

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