There are many cockroaches at home. There are

clever ways to eliminate cockroaches at home. Cockroaches appear and disappear in every household; Decline & quot; And to get rid of cockroaches, we must pay a little attention. Here are some effective ways to get rid of cockroaches and prevent the invasion of cockroaches.

1. Cockroaches are afraid of fragrance. The cupboard where they put clothes is also a favorite place for cockroaches. Orange peel and lemon peel can be dried and placed in the cupboard, which can not only drive cockroaches away naturally, but also add fragrance to the cupboard.

2. If camphor is put in the corner, cockroaches can’t stand the smell of camphor.

3, soap can also help, the way is to cut the soap into a few small pieces, put in the container, and then inject water, placed in the place where cockroaches often haunt or cupboard, generally can effectively expel cockroaches.

4 The fragrance of vanilla leaves can also make cockroaches escape. The method is to cut vanilla leaves in half, bind multiple pieces together, and put them under the cupboards and drawers at home. It can not only keep the fragrance of cupboards and drawers, but also make cockroaches escape; Fear & quot; But far away.

5. Cockroaches are also afraid of the smell of cucumbers. They can put fresh cucumbers in the cupboard, so cockroaches dare not approach the cupboard. After two or three days, cut the fresh cucumber to make it continue to smell like cucumber, which can also effectively repel cockroaches.

6, onion is also a good thing to get rid of cockroaches. The method is to cut the onion into pieces or filaments and put it on the plate where cockroaches often appear. It can effectively reduce the occurrence of cockroaches, because cockroaches can’t stand the stimulation of onion.

7. Garlic will give off the smell that cockroaches don’t like, which makes cockroaches dare not approach. The garlic can be smashed and placed in the dish where cockroaches like to walk in the room, which can effectively prevent the emergence of cockroaches.

8 , insecticide spray, cockroach bait and cockroach trap are all good ways to get rid of cockroaches. You can put more cockroach bait and trap stickers in different places, especially near the places where cockroaches appear.

9. In the bathroom, please & lt; Decline & quot; Cockroaches, please cover the bathtub plug to prevent cockroaches from crawling in from the ditch. Cockroaches will hide in toasters and steal crumbs. They also have to clean the toaster regularly to eliminate the smell of food. Clean up the house. Cockroaches prefer warm, humid and dark environment. So for the kitchen and toilet these more humid corner more place, must keep ventilation and dry. The garbage in the house is cleaned up regularly every day. When cleaning the house, you can’t forget the corners of the house. You can’t leave leftover food in the house. Otherwise, it’s easy to attract cockroaches. As long as you keep the house clean, there will be no cockroaches.

12. Pay attention to clean up the food debris on the ground. These are the things that provoke cockroaches.

13. Take out the garbage regularly and don’t leave it in the house for too long. Use covered bins, not open ones.

14. Cockroaches need water to survive. Find out all the leaking places in the house, deal with the stagnant water and repair the leaking faucet, and cut off the water source of cockroaches.

15. Washing powder is used when washing clothes at home. We can sprinkle the washing powder in the corner and find dead cockroaches in a few days. This is because the smell of washing powder can attract cockroaches, and cockroaches will die of poisoning after eating washing powder. For better results, you can sprinkle washing powder on fruits at home, such as watermelon peel and apple peel.

16. It is also suggested that after mixing soda with sugar, put it in the cockroach infestation place, and the cockroaches will disappear automatically after about 3 to 10 days. You can also try it.

17. The above methods can only kill cockroaches, but can’t cure them. If you want to completely eliminate cockroaches in the house, you need to water the holes in the corner with boiling water, because there will be some hidden cockroaches and cockroach eggs in the corners and holes. Cockroaches are afraid of heat. Boiling water can completely kill cockroach eggs, thus greatly reducing the number of cockroaches.

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