There are many kinds of kungfu tea sets and their selection skills

kungfu tea is a folk tea tasting custom of the Han nationality, and there are many kinds of kungfu tea sets. So what are the types of kungfu tea sets? Let’s learn about the specific types of kungfu tea sets and the selection skills of tea sets.

The types of kungfu tea set

1. Zisha tea set

Zisha tea set is the best type of kungfu tea set. Zisha tea set has been welcomed by tea friends for its good water absorption and the function of retaining the fragrance of tea soup.

2. Ceramic tea set

ceramic tea set is another kind of kungfu tea set, which is inferior to Zisha tea set. Ceramic tea set has the characteristics of slow heat transfer and moderate heat preservation. The brewed tea set has better color and fragrance. In addition, ceramic tea set has beautiful modeling, exquisite, appreciative value and medium value. Therefore, it is loved by many tea people.

3、 Iron pot tea set

iron pot tea set is suitable for making tea and brewing old tea, especially Pu’er tea. It can improve the quality of water and enhance the feeling of tea tasting by using iron pot tea set.

4. Celadon tea sets

the quality of celadon tea sets produced in Zhejiang is the best. In Song Dynasty, as one of the five famous kilns at that time, the celadon tea sets produced by GE kiln in Longquan, Zhejiang Province, had reached its peak and sold far away. At present, Zhejiang Longquan celadon tea set has new development, and new products are coming out. This kind of tea set has many advantages of porcelain tea set. Because of its green color, it is used to brew green tea, which is more beneficial to the beauty of soup color. However, when it is used to brew black tea, white tea, yellow tea and black tea, it is easy to make the tea soup lose its original appearance, which seems to have some shortcomings.

5、 There are many kinds of colorful tea sets, especially blue and white tea sets. Blue and white porcelain tea set, in fact, refers to the use of cobalt oxide as coloring agent, directly depicting patterns on the porcelain body, then coating a layer of transparent glaze, and then firing in the kiln at about 1300 ℃.

6. White porcelain tea set

white porcelain tea has the characteristics of compact and transparent body, high glaze and firing, no water absorption, clear sound and long rhyme. Due to its white color, it can reflect the color of tea soup, moderate heat transfer and heat preservation performance, and various colors and shapes, it can be called the treasure of tea drinking vessels. This white glazed tea set is suitable for brewing all kinds of tea. 7. Black porcelain tea set

black porcelain tea set began in the late Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, continued in the Yuan Dynasty, and declined in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

There are many kinds of porcelain tea sets, including celadon tea sets, white tea sets, black tea sets and colored tea sets. These tea sets had a brilliant page in the history of Chinese tea culture. Tea set is the highlight of Chinese tea culture with a long history, and it is also an art in the eyes of tea lovers. So how to choose the tea set?

1, aesthetic feeling.

Shuanglong Xizhu ceramic tea set. Teapot is used by oneself, so in choosing the shape and appearance of teapot. As long as you choose according to your personal preferences and feelings, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and satisfied.

2, texture.

teapots are generally made of sand, which is more popular than porcelain pots because of its water absorption and impermeability. As for the teapot’s texture, it’s better to have strong fetal bones and moist color.

3 , pot flavor.

when you buy a new pot, you should smell the flavor of the pot. Some new pots may have a slightly tile flavor, which can be used, but if they have the smell of fire or other miscellaneous flavors, such as the smell of oil or artificial coloring, they are not enough.

4, precision. The precision of

pot refers to the tightness between the lid and the pot body. The higher the tightness, the better, otherwise the tea will be scattered.

warm tips: according to the different tea materials, there will be some selection criteria are not the same, and the price is also very different Oh! It’s up to you to polish your eyes!

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