There are many special uses of toothpaste in our daily life.

in our daily life, what are the special uses of toothpaste?

1. Wipe the faucet with a cloth dipped in toothpaste to make the faucet as bright as new.

2, with a sponge dipped in toothpaste brush washbasin and bathtub, the effect is very good.

3. After dipping toothpaste with cotton cloth, gently wipe the yellowing white furniture to restore the color of furniture.

4 Use a warm wet cloth to soften the burnt dirt on the stove, then use a nylon dishcloth dipped in toothpaste to scrub the dirt, and then use a clean cloth to wipe it.

5. After cooking the fish, there is still fishy smell on your hands. You may as well squeeze some toothpaste on your hands and rub them. The fishy smell can be eliminated immediately.

6. If your hands are stained with edible oil, pen oil, car wax or engine oil, you can remove them by rubbing them with toothpaste.

7 The collar and sleeve of a shirt are the most difficult clothes to wash. These places can’t be cleaned by washing machine at all. They have to be rubbed by hand. Even so, it’s hard to wash. But when washing clothes, after the clothes are soaked, apply a layer of toothpaste evenly, brush lightly with an abandoned small toothbrush for about 1 minute, and then rub or machine wash according to the usual method, you will get extra clean. I haven’t tried this. If you have tried, please share your experience with me.

in addition, wipe the surface of stainless steel utensils with toothpaste to make them as bright as new. I’ve tried this one. It works a little.

8. Many young people like to wear white shoes. When they get dirty, they get rid of stains and have a headache. It’s ugly to leave a little stain. Try brushing your shoes with toothpaste. The white cloth shoes will be white and bright again. For leather shoes, use toothpaste to polish shoes in shoe polish. Only use white toothpaste.

9. The reflector of a flashlight will turn yellow if it is used too long. Apply toothpaste on it. After 3-5 minutes, wipe it gently with silk cloth to make it as bright as new.

10. When you are accidentally scalded by hot water or other small places, toothpaste can be used as an emergency measure to directly apply on the scalded part, which is not easy to blister and can also relieve pain.

11 The mirror in the home often has dust, the paper cannot wipe completely, the water also cannot wash clean. Wipe the mirror repeatedly with some toothpaste, then rinse and dry it with clean water, the mirror can be clear and clean.

12. Remove the oxide layer on the surface of silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is not sealed tightly when it is worn or stored for a long time, and a black oxide layer will appear on the surface. Wipe it with toothpaste, and it will become silver white and bright. I’ve tried this, too. It works a little. But for silver jewelry with very thick oxide layer, it takes a lot of time and energy to wipe it very bright, so this method is suitable for silver jewelry with light oxidation degree. If the oxidation of silver jewelry, or suggest to the professional cleaning silver shop for cleaning.

13, when men shave, toothpaste can be used instead of soap. Because toothpaste does not contain free alkali, it is not only irritating to the skin, but also rich in foam and fragrance, which makes people feel cool and refreshing.

and above are just a few magic points for checking with you. Is it convenient to use? It looks like a small tube of toothpaste. I didn’t expect it would be so useful. Do you think it’s incredible? Toothpaste has many other uses besides its own cleaning effect. Well, today’s introduction is just like this. I hope it can help you to improve some small problems in your life and make more use of good things.

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