There are many uses of eggshell. Reasonable use of eggshell to turn waste into treasure

eggshell composition

eggshell is formed naturally. By modern scientific means, the eggshell contains 83-85% calcium carbonate, 15-17% protein, and a variety of trace elements (zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, etc.), among which the contents of lead (PB) and arsenic (as), which are harmful to human body, are extremely low, less than 1ppm. The weight of eggshell is about 5.2-5.4g, the thickness is 0.3-0.4mm, and the calcium content of each eggshell is 2-2.5g. The eggshell structure can be divided into five layers from the inside to the outside. The first layer is the inner membrane of the eggshell (it is called fenghuangyi in the second part of Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Its main components are fibrin, keratin and mucopolysaccharide, which account for 15-17% of the total weight of the eggshell); The second layer is the outer membrane of eggshell; The third layer is papillary conical layer; The fourth grid layer (sponge layer) and the fifth eggshell membrane. The formation process of eggshell is as follows: eggshell without shell — inner membrane (keratin film protein fiber) — outer membrane (which is the basis of eggshell formation) — nipple layer — sponge layer (which determines the thickness and hardness of eggshell, CaCO3) — outer membrane (which is beneficial to maintain the strength and preservation of eggshell).

the eggshell structure of an egg is porous. Generally, the eggshell of an egg is porous and breathable, so as to facilitate the metabolism of internal life evolution. The air permeability here refers to the air, including the oxygen. Generally, just laid eggs have a small air chamber. As the temperature drops, the yolk shrinks and the air chamber becomes larger. With the increase of storage time, nutrition consumption and water evaporation, the air chamber will gradually increase. If the egg is fertilized, when the air chamber is more than 1 / 3, it will lose hatching value.

1. The first use of cleaning household and kitchen articles is that eggshell has the effect of cleaning furniture and kitchen articles. In life, whether furniture or kitchen supplies, it’s very difficult to clean after a long time, especially kitchen supplies, it’s easy to get a layer of oil, and it’s very troublesome to clean. Just the reasonable use of eggshell can solve this problem for many mothers.

furniture. Some furniture at home, such as tables and chairs, will be a little dirty and oily after a long time. Without the original sense of luster, it’s very hard to clean. In this case, you can wrap the eggshell with gauze, then find a bottle to crush, bind the gauze tightly, put it in clean water to soak for a while, and use the water to wipe the furniture. It’s easy to clean and restore the luster before. It’s very easy to use.

water cups, milk bottles and other small items. If you use water cups, Juicers, milk bottles and other utensils at home for a long time, you will find that the bottom or bottle wall is dirty. Because of its small size, it is more troublesome to clean. In the same way, first crush the eggshell, then put it into the utensils to be cleaned, add an appropriate amount of water, gently shake it, the decontamination effect is very obvious. This method is not only effective, but also very safe.

glass and ceramic utensils. If you use glass and ceramics at home for a long time, you will get a lot of grease. Egg shells also have the effect of removing grease. After breaking the egg shell, put it directly into the utensils, fill it with water, and place it for about 2 days. Then take up the glass and ceramic utensils and shake them back and forth for a while. It is found that the grease immediately disappears without trace, and the effect is very satisfactory.

kettle. Everyone will have a kettle in their house. After using it for a long time, it will get a thick layer of dirt. Even if you use an iron brush, you can’t clean it. Some people say that the effect of washing with vinegar is good. In fact, in addition to vinegar, the effect of cleaning with eggshell is also excellent. It’s similar to the way to clean glass and ceramic utensils. First, crush the eggshell, put it into a kettle, pour in a certain amount of clean water, and place it for 24-48 hours. Then, take it up and shake it back and forth for about 15 minutes. The stubborn dirt is completely eliminated.

2. Used for plant fertilization

the whole body of eggs is treasure, the eggshell also contains nutrients, rich in calcium. So eggs are used, and the remaining eggshells can be used to fertilize plants. First of all, wash the eggshell, be sure to wash the egg white, otherwise easy to worry. After washing, put it in a well ventilated place to dry, or put it in the sun. Then they will be broken teeth, directly into the plant tray, is a very good fertilizer for plants.

3. Eliminate ants

some people have doubts. There is egg white left in the eggshell. Shouldn’t we attract ants? How can we eliminate ants instead? Yes, the untreated eggshell will attract ants because of its egg white. But if you put the eggshell on the fire for barbecue, bake it until it gives off a light burnt smell, and then grind the burnt eggshell into powder, and sprinkle it on the place where ants often appear, ants will no longer dare to visit this area.


1 skillfully. Smash the eggshell, put it into a thin cloth bag or silk stockings, put it into a basin, soak it in hot water for 5 minutes, and then take it out. Use this water to clean the clothes, which is especially white.

2. Grind the eggshell into pieces, put it into ceramic utensils, hot water bottles and glass bottles, add some water and shake it left and right to remove the scale. If the oil pollution is serious, add water to the eggshell and place it for 1-2 days. Shake it several times.

3. Fresh eggshell soaked in water will produce a mixed solution of protein and water, which can be used to polish glass or furniture to increase luster.

4. The kettle of boiling water has a thick layer of scale, which is hard and hard to remove. If you boil the eggshell twice, you can remove it completely.

5. Pour the eggshell cleaning water into the flowerpot to help the growth of flowers and trees. Put the eggshell in the flowerpot after grinding, which can not only maintain water, but also provide nutrients for flowers.

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