There are seven kinds of food in the refrigerator. What you need to know at home is

. Nowadays, every family has a refrigerator. Proper use of it can contribute to health. On the contrary, improper use can be harmful to health. As a nutritionist, how to use the refrigerator? Let’s share with you some of my experience and tips.

food is of course the best way to eat fresh food. However, many office workers can’t guarantee to go to the market to buy fresh food every day because of their busy work. For this kind of people, the use of rest time, ahead of time to purchase some healthy food in the refrigerator, eat and take, is conducive to a balanced diet. I suggest that the refrigerator at home should always keep the following seven kinds of food.

vegetables. Fresh vegetables are not easy to store, with the passage of time, nutrition will be a lot of loss. It is recommended that you put some quick-frozen vegetables in the refrigerator, such as green beans, corn kernels, carrot kernels, etc. Quick frozen vegetables are picked at the best nutrition time, frozen immediately, and the nutritional value is preserved. Fresh cabbage, Chinese cabbage and other good storage, refrigerator preservation room can put some.

staple food. You can also prepare some whole wheat steamed bread, wowowotou, or other staple food with coarse cereals and beans in the refrigerator. The staple food of coarse cereals is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin B, which is beneficial to health.

poultry meat. Chinese people eat more livestock meat such as pork and beef, less poultry meat such as chicken and duck, and tend to eat too much fat. It is suggested to store some chicken wings, duck legs and other poultry meat in the refrigerator. You can take them as you like, and the cooking is simple.

quick frozen fish slices. Fish is rich in nutrition and low in fat. You can buy some packages of vacuum frozen fish slices in the supermarket and put them in the freezer. Take it out of the freezer 8-10 hours before eating and thaw it in the freezer. You can also buy some quick-frozen shrimps.

eggs. Eggs have always been known as “all nutritious food”. The surface of eggs is naturally covered with a layer of antibacterial substances, but the packaged eggs in supermarkets have been cleaned and disinfected, and the “protective film” has been removed, so it is best to put them in the refrigerator.

dairy products. Dairy products are rich in nutrition. You should prepare more milk, yogurt or cheese at home to supplement high-quality protein.

nuts. Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts and other nuts are rich in vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, which are very beneficial to health, but they are easy to rancidity, so they must be stored in the refrigerator.

three knowledge of using refrigerator

although the use of refrigerator is simple, but if you want to use it scientifically, you need to master three knowledge.

separate raw and cooked. Generally speaking, direct food should be placed in the upper two layers, such as leftover food, yogurt, milk, cooked food, etc., while raw food should be placed in the lower two layers, such as raw vegetables, raw tofu, etc.

different food is stored in different places. Generally speaking, the refrigerator is colder below than above; It’s colder in the deep inside than by the door. The bean products, dairy products and leftovers that are not afraid of freezing can be put in more; Vegetables, fruits and other frozen food can be put on the outside.

refrigerator open part of the highest temperature, suitable for non perishable food, such as eggs, cheese, dried fish, shrimp, sea rice and so on.

fresh meat, fresh fish and shrimps are the most easily damaged when they are not frozen. It is best to put them in the zero degree refrigerated box. If the refrigerator doesn’t have this function, it should be placed in a sealed fresh-keeping box, at the bottom of the refrigerator.

refrigerator is only 70% full. The food or containers placed in the refrigerator should leave a gap between them to facilitate the circulation of cold air and ensure that the temperature reaches the standard. As a result, the refrigerator is 70% full at most.

five steps to clean the refrigerator

investigation shows that the refrigerator interior is the second most polluted area in the home, and 46% of the families’ refrigerator interior bacteria exceed the standard, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Listeria. Regular cleaning is very important.

emptying the refrigerator is the first step. Before cleaning the refrigerator, cut off the power and take out all the food in the refrigerator. Then take out the shelves, fruit and vegetable boxes in the refrigerator, clean them with detergent, and put them aside to dry.

natural thawing refrigerator. Don’t use sharp objects to remove the ice in the freezer, and don’t use hot towel to apply, which will easily lead to refrigerator failure. Clean the inside and outside of

. After cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, open the door and let it dry naturally. Then, wipe the outside of the refrigerator. There are oil stains or dirt, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent light brush, and then dry with a soft rag.

clean the dead corner. Finally, the ventilation grille on the back of the refrigerator is also cleaned with a soft brush, and then dried with a dry soft cloth. It should be noted that the sealing strip on the refrigerator door is a clean dead corner, and there are more than 20 kinds of microorganisms on it. It is best to wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol.

activated carbon bag for odor removal. Activated carbon has the function of absorbing harmful substances, and can also remove the odor in the refrigerator, especially the taste of leftovers. Generally, a small carbon bag is placed in a double door refrigerator, and several more can be placed in a three door or multi door refrigerator. The carbon bag can be changed frequently according to the number of things stored in the refrigerator.

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